Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

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The McPhearson Phantom is the ghost of a woman whose husband was thrown to the Loch Ness Monster by Ma's great-great-aunt.


It is unknown exactly what era she lived in but it was supposedly in medieval times, primarily in Scotland. While alive, her husband was fed to Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, to great dismay. At some point, she died but her soul remained as a vengeful spirit.

The ghost thought it was Muriel's great-great-aunt who committed the crime. She then decided to break up Muriel and Eustace's marriage by playing several tricks on Eustace. She later appeared to Ma (posing as a therapist) who revealed she also wanted to break up their marriage. Seeing they have a common goal, the two started working together, with her liking some of Ma's suggestions until it was revealed that it was Ma's great-great-aunt who threw her husband into the Loch Ness, not Muriel's. The Phantom then stopped trying to ruin the Bagges' marriage, and decided to have revenge on Ma. She appears one last time when Courage showed the inkblot test which morphs into the now-reformed McPhearson Phantom laughing triumphantly for punishing Ma Bagge.


  • Like Ma Bagge, The Phantom is voiced by Billie Lou Watt.
  • It makes no sense for the Phantom to suddenly abandon her goal to destroy Eustace and Muriel's marriage, when she realizes that Auntie Grizelda was Ma's great-great aunt and not Muriel's. Eustace is Ma's son and still her enemy although it may be because the Phantom revealed herself and so the plan to make Eustace believe Muriel was doing everything to hurt him was exposed and likely went after the female counterparts of the family.
  • She shares the same theme with King Ramses.
  • Her appearance bares a resemblance to Oogie Boogie, the villain from Nightmare Before Christmas.

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