Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Mecha-Courage is a robot dog who was created by Di Lung in order to replace Courage. This robot dog only appears in the Season 3 episode titled Courage vs. Mecha-Courage.


Mecha-Courage was built by Di Lung to replace Courage, after he had failed in playing fetch with Di Lung. Believing that Mecha-Courage was the superior dog, Di Lung sent him out to "chew" the boot that Courage was gnawing on, then set out to provide Eustace a new boot, perform plumbing work, and set up the dining table for him. This robotic counterpart of Courage almost gained the affection of Eustace and was able to fool Muriel into thinking it was the original. Courage continuously tried to prove he was their dog but was unsuccessful in doing so, leading to his heart being broken out of jealousy towards his mechanical counterpart. After constant mockery from Di Lung, Courage eventually challenged Mecha-Courage to a gladiatorial battle in an abandoned coliseum. Courage found himself no match for Mecha-Courage's insane arsenal of weaponry, but thanks to his inhuman amount of sheer durability and perseverance, he was able to survive Mecha-Courage's onslaught long enough to drain its battery, destroying it, much to Di Lung's sadness and disappointment. Following Mecha-Courage's destruction and the actual Courage's victory in the battle, this later sends Di Lung into a pit of doom after his fate was judged by a Roman emperor who saw the whole thing.

Powers and Weakness[]

Mecha-Courage's dome piece conceals a vast arsenal of comically insane tools and weaponry. Its metal body also makes it very durable. It rolls around on four small wheels and can do so at quick speeds. Depending on its attack methods and weapons used, it will even shape-shift to accommodate its various features.

Though the robot functions on batteries, the lifespan of the batteries are finite, and if these batteries run out, it will cease to function and break down to the point of self-destructing moments later.


  • He is seemingly inspired by the story of John Henry: where a human railroad worker had to defeat a mechanical counterpart in a match of skill.
  • He may also be a parody of Preston The Cyberdog from Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave.
  • On Di Lung's blackboard, it was stated that it was successful in growing eggplants, but was never shown throughout the episode.
  • Mecha Courage being a robot version of Courage mirrors Mechagodzilla being a robot counterpart to Godzilla