Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog


The Computer calls all living creatures timid and cowardly. To prove his point, he takes over Muriel's body and performs dangerous stunts, under the moniker of "Mega Muriel the Magnificent". Courage must stop it, or Muriel's body could be severely harmed.


During a thunderstorm, Courage is writing his memoirs on the Computer. Computer teases him about how afraid he is of evil snowmen, insane barbers and undersea demons. He goes on to say if he were able to move around, he would show "flesh creatures" what it really meant to be courageous. After some more arguing, Courage powers Computer down and goes to bed. Later that night, lightning strikes the house, causing a power surge. The surge causes all the electrical appliances to activate, including Computer. He is given so much of a charge that he sprouts metal tentacles and starts walking around.

Muriel sends Eustace out of bed to investigate all the noise. When Eustace gets downstairs, he is cornered by Computer. Computer plugs one of his tentacles into Eustace's head and uploads himself into the farmer's body. But after trying to run through the wall and smashing Eustace's body to pieces, Computer decides he needs a meatier body. He goes after Muriel and possesses her instead, dressing her in an Evel Knievel-styled outfit. He runs out through the wall to perform his first stunt.

The following morning, Eustace (who spends the rest of the episode with his head detached from his body) is watching Nowhere News. The breaking news is "Mega Muriel the Magnificent" is going to fire themselves out of a cannon to Mars. Courage rushes off to stop Mega Muriel, but the cannon's fuse is already lit. Courage clings to Mega Muriel's head and the cannon fires, sending them through the moon and into Space Dino's racket. The alien volleys Courage and Mega Muriel back to Earth.

Courage returns home to find more news coverage of Mega Muriel's next stunt: diving into the San Andreas Fault during an earthquake. Again, Courage runs out to save Mega Muriel, but fortunately, the earthquake causes the fault to rise up into a mountain, preventing them from being hurt. Mega Muriel hitches a ride on a passing plane to their next stunt.

Courage goes home yet again to see that Mega Muriel is now going skiing down the side of the Empire State building into an open manhole. Courage makes his way to New York and meets Mega Muriel on top of the skyscraper. Computer comments that Courage is a coward but feels the need to risk his own safety to protect Muriel (completely missing the point of what true courage is). Mega Muriel starts their descent and Courage tries to grab onto them with a bungee cord. But then a woman in the building opens her window and shakes out a rug, making a makeshift ramp for Mega Muriel. This causes them to fly off into a power plant. Courage falls into the manhole, then gets propelled out by the noxious gases into the same power plant.

Mega Muriel gets stuck in the machinery and asks Courage to help them get loose before the electricity kills them (while persistently denying that they're scared). Courage manages to do so, but gets zapped in the process and flies out of the power plant. Mega Muriel then picks him up and takes him home, commenting on how boring their time as a human was. Computer returns to his normal state and Muriel is no longer possessed. Later, she is reading Courage's memoirs on the computer. She wonders how the story ends. Before Courage can add anything, Computer inputs the last line, "And they all lived happily ever after."

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  • Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, colloquially known as Ode to Joy (known as the Anthem of the European Union and Peggle's Extreme Fever theme), plays throughout this episode.
    • This also reveals that Computer is a fan of classical music.
  • This episode marks the first time the Nowhere Newsman is seen in color.
  • Mega Muriel the Magnificent's death-defying stunts were:
    1. Being shot out of a cannon and shot through the moon to Mars.
    2. Diving into the San Andreas Fault during an earthquake.
    3. Skiing down the side of the Empire State Building and into a sewer.
  • This is the second time Courage has been to New York. The first time was in "Courage in the Big Stinkin' City". It's unknown where Schwick is, though; one can possibly assume he is still in jail.
  • Courage's memoirs are retellings of the episodes "The Snowman Cometh", "Freaky Fred", and "Queen of the Black Puddle".

Production Notes[]

  • Although this episode premiered in the United States in April 2001, it was actually produced in 2000 according to the credits.
    • This episode was finished on October 27, 2000.[1]