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The Computer scoffs at Courage's memoirs that he is writing, calling all living creatures timid and cowardly. During a thunderstorm, lightning strikes The Computer, causing it to come to life. It takes over Muriel's body and does death-defying stunts in it, under the moniker of "Mega Muriel the Magnificent," in order to show how courageous it is. Courage must stop it, or Muriel's body could be severely harmed if he doesn't.


  • Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, colloquially known as "Ode to Joy", plays throughout this episode.
  • This episode marks the first time the Nowhere Newsman is seen in color.
  • Mega Muriel the Magnificent's death-defying stunts were:
    1. Being shot out of a cannon and shot through the moon to Mars.
    2. Diving into the San Andreas Fault during an earthquake.
    3. Skiing down the side of the Empire State Building and into a sewer.
  • Courage's memoirs are retellings of the episodes "The Snowman Cometh", "Freaky Fred", and "Queen of the Black Puddle".
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