Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Michael P. Moran
Sex: Male
Died: February 4, 2004
Birth place: U.S.
Occupation: Actor
Voice of: Growth Industries/Mega Veg Representative
Mayor of the Coralites

Michael Moran or Michael P. Moran is an American actor who provided the voice of The Growth Industries/Mega Veg Representative (From Bad Hair Day, Scuba Scuba Doo, and Dome of Doom) and The Mayor of the Coralites (From Scuba Scuba Doo) on Courage the Cowardly Dog.



  • His most Voiced character, The Growth Industries/Mega Veg Representative, was also The Mayor of Nowhere in Curtain of Cruelty
  • Like with other voice actors on the show (Jon Adams, Rod P. Houston etc.), Michael's real IMDB page doesn't list Courage The Cowardly Dog.

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