Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

[Scene starts outside with Muriel watering a flower and Eustace fixing his truck]

[Courage then brings Muriel the mail]

Muriel: "Oh courage! You got the mail!" *Opens envelope* "It's an offer for a time share! All we have to do is take a little trip!"

[Scene cuts to a rocket ship flying towards the sun]

[Scene then cuts to the trio inside the ship in sleeping pods, all snoring]

[Rooster comes out of a trap door in the ceiling and crows]

Computer: "Okay, nap time is over... You twits."

[Muriel and Courage wake up stretching and yawning]

[Eustace continues sleeping, but soon falls out of the pod]

Eustace: "AAAHH!!" *Hits the floor* "Oof! Hey, what did I do?"

[Scene cuts to outside the rocket then to Eustace trying to work the ship]

Eustace: "Darn this rocket! Can't get any picture on the TV!" *Pounds on the buttons and causes a message from General Horton to play*

Distressed voice: "The following information is classified! Not to mention vital to the security and future of the human race!" *Changes to a calm tone* "Thank you."

Eustace: *Crosses arms* "Blah blah blah!"

Muriel: "I think the man with the shiny buttons has something important to tell us."

General Horton: *Clears throat* *Speaks gibberish, but follows with a coherent "Kaaablam!"*

Courage: Huh?

General Horton, talking normally: "And godspeed!" *Gives a thumbs up then vanishes in a glitchy way*

Muriel, emoting with surprise: "Oh my!"

Eustace, continuing to push buttons: "How do you change the channel on this thing!?"

Computer: "Don't you dolts speak English? The sun is about to go out. You have to fix it."

[Camera angle changes to behind them, revealing a briefcase]

Computer: "Everything you need is in that briefcase. Over there."

Muriel: "Seems like a lot of trouble to go through for the time share."

Eustace: "That's how they getcha! Gotta read the fine print!"

Computer: "If you don't fix the sun, it'll glow bright red then it goes out."

Courage: *Terrified yelp*

Eustace: "Big deal."

Muriel: "Well if someone's got to fix the sun, it might as well be us, I suppose."

Eustace, mumbling: "Why won't you shut up." *Presses another button*

Computer: "So do get the sun fixed before the clock hits zero... You twits."

[Scene cuts to the rocket flying towards the sun then to Courage pressing buttons on the control panel]

Computer: "No, no, you space monkey. Press shift and then enter."

Courage: *Presses the instructed buttons*

[The control panel then opens up with a robotic hand that hits Courage in the face with a pie]

Computer: "Ha! I get'em with that every time."

[Scene switches to Eustace trying to figure out how the space toilet works]

[After several seconds, the toilet sucks up Eustace's hat, causing him to rage out and an alarm to blare]

[Scene switches to Muriel cleaning an unknown apparatus]

[Scene then switches to Courage at the control panel again]

Computer: "Okay, rocket boy. Double click the icon that looks like a little doggy."

Courage: *Presses the instructed button twice*

[Tar and feathers fall from the ceiling and onto Courage]

Computer: "Ha! You are gullible!"

[Scene changes to a timer on the ceiling that counts from 02:36:42 to 02:36:39]

[Scene switches to Eustace attempting to retrieve his hat from the toilet]

Eustace: "Hey! Gimme back my hat!"

[Eustace shoves his hand into the toilet, pulls it out and groans in frustration then looks outside the window to see his hat stuck in the waste ejection ]

Eustace: "Lousy space toilet!"

[Meanwhile Mustafa al Bacterius is shown flying just outside the ship]

[Scene cuts back to Muriel cleaning the unknown apparatus]

Muriel: "What a filthy this spaceship this is."

[Scene switches to Mustafa al Bacterius using a blowtorch to enter the ship]

[Scene switches to Courage getting punched in the face by a spring-loaded punching glove]

[Scene switches to the timer on the ceiling counting from 2:12:04 to 2:12:02]

[Scene then switches back to Muriel cleaning the ship, where Mustafa al Bacterius drills a hole around her butt and into her suit]

[Eustace walks by]

Muriel: *Jumps up in sudden pain* "OH!!"

Muriel, thinking Eustace caused it: "Oh Eustacious Baggestein, you!" *Giggles* *Smacks Eustace with a metallic clang*

Eustace: "Auugh!!"

[Muriel continues giggling]

[Mustafa al Bacterius is seen inside Muriel's suit, pulling out a hair, going inside the follicle then putting the hair back]

[Mustafa al Bacterius is then seen travelling through Muriel's bloodstream and into her brain]

[Scene changes to the trio eating tube food at a table]

Eustace: *Grabs the food in frustration* "Lousy stinkin' tube food!" *Squeezes the food into his mouth* "Hey. Not bad."

[Scene switches back to Mustafa al Bacterius pressing buttons on a control panel in Muriel's brain]

[Muriel groans as her eyebrows move up and down unevenly]

[Mustafa al Bacterius continues pressing buttons]

Muriel: "Birds!"

Eustace: "Ah, you're seein' things! More turkey in a tube!"

[Mustafa al Bacterius continues pressing buttons at a faster pace]

Muriel: "Halifax! Wicky wicky wicky! Mambo time!"

[Mustafa al Bacterius continues pressing buttons and then pulls a lever]

[Muriel's hair disappears into her head] [Muriel then grows a very long ginger beard]

Eustace: "Eh?"

Courage: *Gasps and shakes in fear*

[Muriel's beard becomes a massive puff of hair then normal hair again]

[Muriel picks up the food, throws it then begins flailing her arms and screaming]

[Muriel then falls backwards in her chair with her legs flailing in the air and continuing to scream]

Eustace: "Hey! What'd you do that for!?"

Muriel, in a singsongy voice: *Shrugs* "I don't know!"

[Muriel reaches for Eustace's ears and begins pulling on them]

Eustace: "Muriel! Do what I say! AAUGHH!! OOW!!"

[Muriel lets go of Eustace's ears, puts her fingers in his nostrils and stretches his nose]

Eustace: "AAAAH!!

[Muriel lets go of his nose]

Eustace: "OOF!"

[Muriel then pulls out one of Eustace's nose hairs]

Eustace: "AAAHH!!"

[Scene switches to Mustafa al Bacterius laughing maniacally then back to Muriel with her legs around Eustace's neck, hitting his head like a drum]

Eustace: "Auugghhh!!"

[Muriel performs a chokeslam on Eustace, leaving him on the table audibly crying]

[Muriel's suit inflates and deflates multiple times as she giggles before then taking a bite out of the table with cartoonish teeth]

[Courage whimpers and shivers in fear and Eustace screams in fear]

Muriel, using taunting hand gestures: "Come on! Come on! Set it off!"

Muriel, now calm again: "I think I could use a wee nap." *Walks down the hallway while on the ceiling*

[Courage is holding Eustace as he continues screaming in fear]

[Scene changes to a timer on the ceiling that counts from 01:57:17 to 01:57:15]

[Scene switches to Courage at the control panel again, pressing buttons]

Computer: "Of course Muriel is acting weird. She's locked in a tin can with you, isn't she?"

Computer: "Ha!"

[A robotic arm surprise attacks Courage with fire extinguisher*

[Scene changes to Muriel sleeping in a bed, then to Mustafa al Bacterius tinkering with the lever in her brain until it breaks off, prompting him to laugh maniacally and causing Muriel to wake up and rip wires out of the ship]

[Scene changes to the timer on the ceiling which counts from 00:54:31 to 00:54:30 and then the camera pans down towards Courage at the control panel]

Computer: "Okay, okay. I know exactly what's wrong with Muriel and how you can save her and the sun from going out all at once. All you have to do is..." *Voice becomes low pitched and trails off* "Press the button on the [unintelligible] to the right....."

[Siren blares as Courage frantically presses buttons on the control panel, creating goofy sounds]

Courage: *Gasps*

[Scene changes to the sun quickly getting closer and closer]


[Courage calms down and opens the wire panel]

Courage: What do I do!? What do I do!? *Enters wire panel and finds Muriel, whose face is now green and teeth pointy, chewing on the wires*

[Scene changes to show Eustace outside the ship, pulling on his hat which is stuck in the waste ejection]

[Scene switches back to Muriel, who's chewing on the tubes connecting to Eustace's suit]

[Eustace, no longer attached to the rocket, goes flying away and into space]

Eustace: "Huh? Aaaaaaagghh!! Stupid space!"

[Scene changes to Muriel approaching Courage]

Mustafa al Bacterius, using Muriel's body to speak: My name is Mustafa al Bacterius. I am inside the brain of Muriel. I have come a great distance to sabotage your mission. You humans are not satisfied messing with your own planet, you feel the need to mess with space also. Well, if the sun wants to fizzle, let it. We like it dark. So get a flashlight and some D-cells. 'Cause it's lights out, space clowns!

[Courage whimpers and jumps on Muriel's head and looks in her ear to see Mustafa al Bacterius taunting him]

[Courage whimpers again before reaching in her ear, trying to pull him out]

[Muriel turns off the gravity and smacks Courage across the room] [Courage jumps off the wall and back towards her]

[Scene briefly switches to the timer on the ceiling counting from 00:02:04 to 00:02:01 and the camera slowly panning down to show the sun getting closer and closer]

[Scene switches back to Courage and Muriel] [Mustafa al Bacterius laughs maniacally as he makes Muriel throw Courage across the room]

[Scene briefly shows the timer counting from 00:02:01 to 00:02:00, then to Courage attempting to remove Mustafa al Bacterius from Muriel using a plunger]

[Scene briefly changes to show the rocket about to land on the sun, then back to Courage and Muriel]

[Muriel throws Courage across the room then pulls the plunger off her head, sending her flying head-first into the toilet]

Mustafa al Bacterius: "Waaoo!!" "This dog is a terrible person! Look what he did! Look what he-"

[Scene changes to show Mustafa al Bacterius getting sucked up by the toilet and clinging on for dear life, but eventually getting thrown out of the waste ejection]

[Scene changes back to the restroom with Courage pulling Muriel's head out of the toilet]

[Muriel's head is deformed from the suction of the toilet]

Muriel, back to normal: "Oh my."

[Scene changes to the timer counting from 00:00:10 to 00:00:09, then back to Courage]

Courage: "Oh no!" *Fearful whimper*

[Camera zooms in on the briefcase]

[Scene changes to the rocket landing on the sun while The Blue Danube plays]

[Courage exits the Rocket with the briefcase and enters a staircase in the sun with a sign that reads "ENTRANCE"]

[Scene briefly cuts to the ship melting around Muriel then back to Courage running down a fiery path in a tunnel]

[Scene makes another brief cut to the ship completely vaporizing and Muriel is left exclaiming in pain each time her feet touch the ground]

[Scene changes back to show Courage inside a fiery cavern with a lightbulb in the middle]

[Courage opens the briefcase, revealing a spare lightbulb]

[Courage then unscrews the old lightbulb, briefly causing the whole place to go dark and the music to stop]

[The light comes back and the music returns when he screws in the spare lightbulb]

Courage: "Yes!" *Jumps in celebration*

[Scene changes to show the sun glowing even brighter than before, then back to Courage and Muriel on the sun's surface]

Muriel, jumping in pain: "Oh! Ho! Oh! Oho! How are we ever going to get out of here?"

Eustace, in the distance: "Yyyahoooo!"

[Scene switches to show Eustace riding an asteroid]

Eustace: "Ahahahahaa! Hoohoohoohoo! Yipee!"

[Courage picks up Muriel and uses a grappling hook to latch onto the asteroid with Eustace]

Eustace: "Waaahahahaha! Yahoo! Hahaha!"

Muriel: "Courage, did you fix the sun?"

Courage: "Mm hmm!"

Muriel: "Good dog!"

[Scene changes to show Mars from a bird's eye view and then with the trio having a picnic on Mars]

Muriel: "Who'd have thought the time share would be on Mars? Nice of the general to send us our house though!"

Eustace: "Birds!"

Muriel: "Oh my."

Eustace: "Halifax!" *Throwing hands around* "Wicky wicky wicky!"

[Scene cuts to Mustafa al Bacterius in Eustace's brain pushing buttons]

Mustafa al Bacterius: "I have not yet begun to fight! Huhahahah!"

[Episode ends]