Mondo is a demonic magician and the main antagonist of "Mondo Magic." At first, he seems to be a normal human magician, but he's soon revealed to be a hideous monster wearing a human costume. He entraps Eustace in the television, and causes Muriel to slowly turn into the same monster he is so he can have a lover just like him. In order to save his owner, Courage steals Mondo's bag of magic after distracting him with his own magic act, then transforms Muriel back to normal and Mondo into a rabbit. In his human form, he carries around condoms in his wallet, which Courage thinks are "balloons".


  • He also makes a cameo in "Family Business" as one of Courage's transformations.
  • His human form seems to resemble Lando Calrissian from the Star Wars franchise.
  • His human form is among a small handful of dark-skinned characters to be seen in the series.
  • His spiked turtle shell resembles Bowser from Nintendo's Mario games.
  • Mondo appears to have an eyeball or a scorpion’s stinger bulging from the end of his tail.
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