#35.0 – Mondo Magic
Season 2, Episode 9, Part 1
Titlecard 309a Mondo Magic
Production code: 309a
Air date: July 12, 2002
Directed by: John R. Dilworth
Written by: Craig Shemin
Storyboard: Jim Mitchell
Night of the Scarecrow
Watch the Birdies

Mondo Magic is part one of the ninth episode in Season Two of Courage the Cowardly Dog, written by Craig Shemin. It aired July 12, 2002, preceding Watch the Birdies.


An evil magician is turning Muriel into a demon. Courage pulls him and now it shows Mondo is not a human, but he was a spiked-shelled turtle with slug eyes, sharp teeth, long tail, long green hands, and feet. Courage must stop Mondo before it's to late.So he tries to trick Mondo causing Courage to steal some of the magic dust. Then he makes a ducky and sneezes turning Muriel back into a human. Then he saves Eustace from the TV




  • 1st appearance of Mondo.
  • Carmen can be seen on TV when she was chasing Eustace.
  • Muriel seems to lose her normal personality after accepting that she couldn't stop Mondo's magic. She roars at Courage and laughs at Eustace.
  • The title card music is the same used for the Canadian cartoon Atomic Betty


  • Mondo: (after seeing Courage changing his face ) "How does he do that?"