Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Mustafa al Bacterius is a microorganism that controlled Muriel's nervous system and mind in a attempt to sabotage her mission to keep the sun from going out. His first and only appearance was in Mission to the Sun.


Mustafa is a worm-like creature with a deranged looking face and skinny arms that bare five very long and thin fingers. He wears black gloves, a round helmet, and a jet-pack like belt.


He thinks that humans aren't just satisfied with messing with Earth, but also feel the need to mess with space. He doesn't care if the sun goes out as he and his kind like it dark. He is persistent, coming a great distance just to sabotage Muriel's mission.

He is also somewhat apathetic, as he is perfectly fine with sabotaging the mission to save the sun, and in the process, letting an entire planet, and the numerous races inhabiting it, die just so he and his people can enjoy the dark.


When Muriel, Courage, and Eustace were chosen for a mission to keep the sun from going out, Mustafa sabotaged the mission by controlling Muriel's nervous system and mind so she went crazy and harmed Courage and Eustace. Courage finds out Mustafa is behind what happened and prevents him from using Muriel to make the spaceship crash. He's expelled from Muriel and infects Eustace at the end of the episode.


Despite being really little, Mustafa al Bacterius is really powerful and dangerous. He can use his tiny size to enter the body of bigger creatures (like humans.) Once near their brain, he can take total control of that person/creature's mind, making them do what he orders; he is also capable of talking through that body.

The victim of his "possession" becomes mad and totally without sanity and memory. It's easy to see if someone is infected by this worm, because the victim will start to act strangely. Mustafa can also tamper and ruin the brain, making the victim aggressive against everybody and totally insane. Once he has total control, the victims' skin tone acquires a sickly pale green color.

Getting rid of him is really hard, because the only way to expel him is having luck in casting him away directly from the ears.


  • "My name is Mustafa al Bacterius. I am inside the brain of Muriel. I have come a great distance to sabotage your mission. You humans are not satisfied with messing with your own planet, you feel the need to mess with space also. Well, if the sun wants to fizzle, let it. We like it dark. So, get a flashlight and some D cells, cause it's lights out, space clowns!"
  • "This dog is a terrible person! Look what he did!"
  • "I have not yet begun to fight!"


  • His quote "I have not yet begun to fight!" is a reference to John Paul Jones. In addition, Birdman said the line in the Birdman episode "Skon of Space," 34 years before.
  • He's a bit similar to Plankton from SpongeBob SquarePants, as both are tiny organisms that have controlled the brain of a major character in order for their plans to succeed. In addition, Plankton is also voiced by Chie Matsuura in Japan, whom also voices Bacterius in Japan.
  • For a long time, it was thought his name was Vastabael Backjurius.
  • He the smallest villain of the saga.
  • Mustafa al Bacterius is not only one of the few villains which hasn't died, but also one of them which wasn't totally defeated. He was expelled by Muriel's body, but then managed to enter Eustace's body.
    • Even if the entire saga has no continuity, it's possible that Mustafa after the events of the episode managed to remain in Eustace's body and achieve his goals. Thinking with a chronological flow of the events in episodes, however, Eustace somehow managed to get rid of the worm's infection to do the events of succeeding episodes.
  • In Get Blake! episode, Get Hurtin' (which came out 14 years later after this episode), one of the Squallians, Maxus, mentioned a line "Why would we stop tormenting Blake just when it's getting fun?"; the said quote alludes to this character, who controls Muriel just to torment Courage and Eustace in getting fun.
    • This one also happens to Eustace at the end of the episode, but it is short.