"Muted Muriel" is part two of the eighth episode in Season Four of Courage the Cowardly Dog, written by David Steven Cohen. It aired October 25, 2002.


Muriel refuses to talk because Eustace keeps ignoring her. To resolve this conflict, Courage has Shirley summon a Giant Starfish that can only be stopped by the sound of Muriel's voice.


Main Characters:

Minor Characters:


  • This episode have similarities with the episode "be careful what you wish for" from cow and chicken series.
    • Both episodes started with chicken and eaustace watching the TV in the night, but both are pestered for cow and muriel.
    • Chicken and eaustace treated rudely to cow and muriel (chicken snapped and lash out to cow / eaustace intentionally ignore to muriel and implies that her words aren't importants), causing that cow and muriel gets offended for it and they became mute out of spite them.
    • Cow and muriel refuse to talks not only directly to chicken and eaustace, but they also don't talk even in the presence of chicken and eaustace.
    • Chicken and eaustace get a commeupance for their early actions and cruel treatment toward cow and muriel: chicken suffered an accident to be run over for a truck, and cow is the only witness of this accident, but due to that she is still mute, cow cannot give her testimony properly, causing that the court case ends with chicken arrested and jailed for 50 years. Eaustace for caused that his wife became mute, muriel don't even show interest in do her chores, like cooks the breakfast, forcing to eaustace to buy his meal, much to his chagrin, and also in the end of the episode, courage had the mouth of eaustace gagged, thus silenced him to avoid that he could counter or reply to muriel when she was scolding him for his bad attitude.
    • Cow and muriel are mute for most of the episodes, and both talks again to the final parts: cow talks again after that chicken, whom spent 50 years in the jail, apologize her for be rude, making that cow forgives him and she would talks again. Muriel talks again after courage put his life in the line to make her talk to save his life, and unlike chicken, Eustace never apologize with Muriel for his rudeness, instead he was scolded by muriel for it and gagged to be mute during the lecture.
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