"Muted Muriel" is part two of the eighth episode in Season Four of Courage the Cowardly Dog, written by David Steven Cohen. It aired October 25, 2002.


Muriel refuses to talk because Eustace keeps ignoring her. To resolve this conflict, Courage has Shirley summon a Giant Starfish that can only be stopped by the sound of Muriel's voice.


Main Characters:

Minor Characters:


  • This episode have similarities with the episode "be careful what you wish for" from Cow and Chicken series.
    • Both episodes start with a character (Eustace / Chicken) being rude with other (Muriel / Cow), causing that the latters became mute, to the point of refuse to talk anyone. Also, the rude characters got their comeuppance later in the episode (Eustace is gagged and scolded by Muriel / Chicken get jailed by a lost lawsuit about a car accident), and Muriel as Cow only talks again in the end of the episodes.
  • Shirley's saxophone used in this episode is golden, unlike in The Curse of Shirley episode it was silver. It is more likely that she either owns two saxophones, or she upgraded it from Courage's golden eggs laid by him.
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