#34.5 – Night of the Scarecrow
Season 2, Episode 8, Part 2
Titlecard 308b Night of the Scarecrow
Production code: 308b
Air date: July 5th, 2002
Directed by: John R. Dilworth
Written by: Susan Kim
Storyboard: Jim Mitchell
So in Louvre are we two
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Night of the Scarecrow is part two of the eighth episode in Season Two of Courage the Cowardly Dog, written by Susan Kim. It aired July 5th, 2002, following So in Louvre are we two.


Courage, Muriel and Eustace are leaving the County fair when they run into a flock of Crows and they cause their truck to go off road into a cornfield. Then after the truck gets stuck on a rock, a flock of crows are covering a walking person that starts hitting on the truck. Eustace honks his horn to scare the person off the truck and the crows lift the person up then disperses, revealing a old, worn out scarecrow. Muriel takes it upon herself to restore the old scarecrow and make it look like new again. After doing "surgery" on the scarecrow, it comes to life and after having a mouth sewed on, thanks Muriel for her help. It turns out that the scarecrow can't even scare away even the tiniest creatures, let alone the villains that attack the farm on a regular basis. So the scarecrow decides to learn how to be "bad" and trains so he can protect Muriel in anyway possible. He ends up bursting into the farmhouse, muscular and wearing a camouflage outfit, and kicks Courage and Eustace out of the house and turns the Farmhouse into a fortress, locking Muriel in the basement so she can be protected at all costs. After Courage gets into the farmhouse and saves Muriel, he grabs Eustace and puts them all into the truck and drives off. While being pursued by the scarecrow driving a threatening hay baler, they end up in the same cornfield stuck by the same rock. Courage takes Muriel and runs from the truck with the scarecrow gaining on them. He turns back to see the scarecrow being attacked by crows and broken up into pieces. The scarecrow apologizes for all the wrong he'd done and he becomes a hay bale at the County Fair on a hay ride attraction.