Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Night of the weremole A wolf howls

(Wasp Woman movie is playing in the TV)

(courage Is sleeping in Muriel s chair Eustace is snoring)

(Muriel is outside of the house In her Garden Humming a music)

(A rabbit hops to her)

why look at this a wee rabbit

(The rabbit is hungry )

are you hungry ?

(A beast in the soil is coming close)

A carrot is a carrot what you Wanting?

i I’ll Get you a carrot

(getting a Carrot)

(The beast burst out from the soil and bites the rabbit)

(The rabbit Is here screaming inside of the hole)

(Muriel turns around)

(and notice the rabbit is gone)


(she look around)

Little rabbit where did you go ?

(The beast bites Muriel s hand)


(shakes her hand)

oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

must be a bad carrot

(Scene cuts to dr. Vindaloo Office)

Dr. Vindaloo: Hmm. There’s nothing to worry about. There’s nothing at all. Nothing at all.

(courage worries)

(Muriel s hand is big and shakes)

Dr. Vindaloo: The swelling is going to go down. To go down. Just keep soaking it. There’s nothing to worry about. Just keep soaking it.

but but but....

now now I don’t want to be any trouble

and you shouldn’t gotten bit come on stupid dog!

(pulls courage)

(as he chokes)

(thank you Doctor she leaves)

Dr. Vindaloo: Just keep soaking it.

(scene Cuts back to the house)

(courage and Eustace are watching TV)

(Muriel washes her hand in the kitchen)

(and a full moon causes Muriel to feel ill)


(she start shaking)

Muriel !! You were missing your favorite show!

(Muriel is still shaking)

Muriel !!! Go find her!


(courage Gets off from Muriel s chair)

(and go’s to find Muriel)

(he goes to the kitchen and gets scared to see Muriel eating his food he gasped)

(she turns around and has sharp teeth and she growled at him)

(And he screams)

(he had a heart attack)

(and gasp and falls to the floor)

(a ambulance truck is seen driving)

(Scene Cuts to dr vindaloo Office)

(Courage is seen in the bed)

(tape with a wire to see how’s his heart going)

Dr. Vindaloo: You almost brought it, boy. What is up with that? There’s nothing to worry about. There’s nothing at all.

(Courage gets off from his bed and picks him up and runs away and exit the hospital)

(scene Cuts to the house inside with Muriel watching her favorite show )

(courage brings Dr vindaloo to the back door to the kitchen where he was)

(and go to the living room and puts him down)

(courage gets scared and tells him about Muriel )

(he does the impression of the Sharp teeth and the roar)

(he points at her)

Dr. Vindaloo: Your son here says that there is something wrong with you. What is up with that??

shh ! I’m watching my favorite show !

Dr. Vindaloo: Now, I want you to open your mouth and say ahh !

(she opens her mouth and turns back into the monster bites his head)

(and shakes him and the music plays Mozart)

ohh!!!!!! (He screams when he saw that)

(she spit him out and he runs away she stands up and her hair turns spiky and her hands turns into claws she makes a hole in the floor and Falls into there)


(Courage gasped and the doctor vindaloo is breathing silent)

(he runs to see if she’s ok)

(she comes back up and her hair is red and courage screams and jumps into The roof)

(Eustace is taking a bath brushing himself with A brush courage comes up)


(courage did the impression of the wereMuriel )

Stupid Dog!

(Pushes him down)


(he continues brushing himself and Muriel come up)


(Eustace screams him and courage runs away )

(Dr vindaloo is wiping himself with a towel)

Dr. Vindaloo: That is the worst case of chicken pocks I have ever seen.

(Muriel comes up)

(And bites him and drags him under the house)

Dr. Vindaloo: Oh no!! Oh!! No please!! Oh!!

(Eustace and courage comes courage gets off from his leg)

(Courage points at the hole)

(Eustace sees the hole )

Mice mice in my house! Gonna get me a mallet !!

But but but but but but but

courage uses a pencil from dr vindaloo and draws a Picture of a mouse and Muriel

nan!! Where I put that MAllET ?! ( gets upstairs)

(Scene cuts to courage typing the computer in the attic)

Courage: Muriel... big mole... eating people... ugly teeth... Search! search ! search!

Computer: Oh! You’re such a lousy typist !!

Courage: Oh yeah. I thinks a lot!

Computer: You’re welcome… What you got here is a weremole.

(The name weremole turns red)

don’t tell me that

Computer: They come out in the full moon and they got a taste from rabbits and people.

(shows The weremole holding a dead rabbit and man)

(courage Gasp)

Computer: And if you're bitten by a weremole, you become one yourself.

(shows A man turning into one)

(courage worries)

Courage: What should I do?

Computer: If I were you, I'd get a big mallet and…

Courage: No! No! No!!! A cure! A cure!!!

Computer: Oh… That’s easy. Get a little hair of the mole that bit you.

(courage gets off from the chair)

Computer: Just don’t get bitten!

(Courage gets worried)

(and leaves the attic)

(scene cuts to outside courage dress as a rabbit)

(courage is scared)

(scene Cuts to eustace is in the bed room finding his mallet)

Where’s that darn mallet?

can’t pop a Mouse with out me mallet

(search is under the bed and gets snapped by a mouse trap)


that’s not me mallet!!

search again

ah me mallet!

(Muriel comes up)

(he screams and use his mallet to hit her but miss)

(courage is still waiting)

ohh !!!!!

(the weremole is coming)

the things I do for love

(the weremole bites courage leg)

(and shakes him and courage screams)

(scene Cuts to eustace trying to play wack a mole)

(scene cuts to courage getting shake by the weremole)

( tries to hit Muriel but miss)

(Courage Gets shake by the weremole again)

(Eustace hit Muriel miss again and she comes to the bed he tries to hit her but miss)

(courage gets shake again)

(eustace tries to hit Muriel in the bed but miss she gets off from the bed)

(Courage Gets shake and gets throwing)

(Eustace is scared)

(the weremole is still attacking The rabbit suit )

(Courage tries to get the hair but screams and runway)

(Courage gets the hair)

(and looks at The audience)


(Runs back to the house)

(Muriel is biting the floor)

(courage gets up in the window)

(Eustace screams)

(courage gets inside and puts the hair on Muriel mouth)

(and she chokes falls back to the floor)

what you do? I almost had it ! You ruin everything! But but

ah stupid dog !

(Courage worries)

(scene Cuts to him and courage going down stairs)

(Muriel is on her chair watching the show)

(courage and eustace comes closer)

muriel ?

(him and eustace are worried)

where have you been ? You miss the whole show !

Muriel !!

(he jumps up to the Air and lands at her lap and plays The friendly music)

Now where that mouse get to ?!