Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Nowhere is a fictional anytown in the U.S. state of Kansas that Courage and the majority of the characters live in (as well as where most episodes of the show take place).

It is a mysterious town full of paranormal incidents and supernatural creatures.

It has its own newspaper, the Nowhere News, which Eustace is often seen reading.

There is also a park in Nowhere, shown in "Cajun Granny Stew" and "Watch the Birdies."

Description, Society, and Culture[]

List of times where Nowhere was in trouble[]

Nowhere has been attacked or terrorized several times in the show:

  • The first time, it was terrorized by the evil Shadow who scared the town's citizens.
  • It was then attacked by the tower of Dr. Zalost, who turned the citizens sad and depressed.
  • Nowhere similarly fell victim to the Curtain of Cruelty, which caused everyone to become nasty and mean, leading to chaos and civil unrest. Courage and Muriel were immune to the curtain's effects, although Eustace remained pretty much the same, cruel like all the others.
  • The downtown area of Nowhere was destroyed by one of the teddies, while they were in search for the Tulip Worm in the episode of the same name.
  • The citizens of Nowhere were also brainwashed by the King of Flan, making them crazy for flan, to the point of widespread looting, especially at the local supermarket.
  • In "A Beaver's Tale", Nowhere was flooded completely, thanks to the beaver's dam.
  • In "Food of the Dragon", William the dragon was seen running about around the town and destroyed Di Lung's car.
  • In "Muted Muriel" The city was destroyed by a giant starfish that Shirley summoned, due to Muriel's unwillingness to speak.

Outskirts of Nowhere[]

Downtown of Nowhere[]

Industrial Area[]

In other languages[]

  • Japanese - ドコドコ町 (Doko Doko Machi, lit. "Where Where Town")
  • Arabic - لامكان
  • Hebrew - שום מקום
  • Norwegian - Ødeby
  • Danish - Intetsted
  • Spain Spanish - Quimismo
  • Latin Spanish - Ningún lugar
  • Polish - Nigdzie
  • Italian - Altrove
  • Romanian - Nicăieri
  • Russian - Середина Нигде
  • European French - Nulle Part
  • Dutch - Nergens
  • Portuguese Brazilian - Lugar Nenhum
  • Swedish - Ingenstad
  • Latvian- Nekuriene
  • Hungarian - Kiesföld
  • Thai - โนแวร์
  • Turkish- Hiçbir Yer
  • Hindi - कहीं नहीं नगर


  • The town's exact location has been confirmed in the episode "Courage the Fly," where it was stated that it is within the U.S. state of Kansas.
  • The fact that the town has often been referred to as the "middle of Nowhere" could reference the fact that Kansas is the most central state in the U.S. map.