Nowhere TV is the first half of the 20th episode of season 2, preceding Mega Muriel the Magnificent.

Plot Outline

Posing as a television repairman, Le Quack manipulates the Bagges TV so that it hypnotizes Muriel and Eustace to steal Nowhere's lottery money for him. Courage, catching onto the plan, throws away the money to leave a trail for the cops. 


Main Characters: 

Minor Characters: 



  • During the fight between Le Quack and Courage at the end, King Ghidorah of the Godzilla franchise can be seen on the TV.
  • This is the first time that Muriel and Eustace get hypnotized via television, the second time was King of Flan.
  • Since both Eustace and Muriel were hit on the head by Le Quack, became unconscious, and never saw him again after they woke up, it should make sense that Courage is the only one who remembers him.
  • Le Quack in front of the peppermint colored spiral saying "Duck is good. Dog is bad. Duck. Dog. Get rid of dog." is coincidentally similar to the US commercial for Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins, wherein the floating disembodied head of Wario, against a red and black spiral, attempts to "hypnotize" viewers to "Obey Wario, destroy Mario!" The commercial has become a popular Internet meme and is one of the staples of the classic era of YouTube Poop.