Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Nowhere TV is the first half of the 20th episode of Season 2, preceding "Mega Muriel the Magnificent".


Posing as a television repairman, Le Quack manipulates the Bagges' TV so that it hypnotizes Muriel and Eustace to steal Nowhere's lottery money for him. Courage, catching onto the plan, throws away the money to leave a trail for the cops. 


The Bagge family are watching Nowhere News coverage of the lottery. Eustace has entered and is positive he will win the jackpot. His reverie is interrupted by a knock at the door. It is Le Quack, posing as a TV repairman. He offers to fix their TV, but Muriel states that the TV is fine. Le Quack gives them his business card just in case they need it and leaves. A few minutes later, he cuts the antenna from their roof. After Eustace fails to fix it, they call Le Quack back to the house and he "fixes" their TV. Courage tries to watch him work, but Le Quack kicks him out of the house. Courage snoops around near his van and finds the antenna from the roof. He brings it to Muriel and Eustace, and the farmer assumes Courage broke it. Eustace kicks Courage out of the house again.

Le Quack finishes his work on the TV. When Eustace asks what their bill is, Le Quack says he will be getting his payment in good time and leaves. Later, Eustace is watching the TV and is amazed at how lifelike the picture looks. As he says this, Le Quack appears on the TV with a hypnotizing spiral pattern in the background. Le Quack hypnotizes him and orders him to get rid of Courage. Eustace goes outside under the pretext of playing fetch with Courage. Eustace finds the dog near a fence and rips out a fence post, shoves it into Courage's mouth and throws them far into the distance. Meanwhile, Muriel sits down to watch the TV and she is hypnotized as well.

Some time later, after Courage has made it back to the house, he finds his Muriel and Eustace dressed as a clown and in a wet-suit respectively. On the TV, Le Quack orders them to steal the lottery money for him. Courage tries turning the TV off to break the trance, but nothing works. Muriel and Eustace drive off to the storage facility where the lottery money is kept. Muriel distracts the front guard with juggling and other clown antics, while Eustace breaks in through the sewers to steal the money. While trying to catch up with Muriel and Eustace, Courage gets launched into the building and lands in the bag of lottery money. Eustace takes the bag starts leaving, but Courage pulls the alarm. As the hypnotized couple make their way down the road, Courage drops money out the truck's window. The police are alerted and follow the trail of dollars.

Muriel and Eustace arrive at Le Quack's hideout where the duck is waiting for them. He opens the bag of money but finds a single dollar bill and Courage inside. The two of them have a fight using the various objects on the TVs in the room. Eventually, the police arrive and arrest Le Quack.

After the Bagges return home, the lottery numbers are announced and Eustace has the winning ticket. However, due to the robbery, the lottery is down to pocket change. Eustace gets rid of the TV in rage and as the episode ends, one last image is shown on the TV before it goes to static: Le Quack is walking away from a burning prison, warning that he will be back soon.

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  • During the fight between Le Quack and Courage at the end, King Ghidorah of the Godzilla franchise can be seen on the TV.
    • Strangely King Ghiodrah breathed fire out of the TV instead of his lighting-like Gravity Beams
  • This is the first time that Muriel and Eustace get hypnotized via television, the second time was in "King of Flan".
  • Since both Eustace and Muriel were hit on the head by Le Quack, became unconscious, and never saw him again after they woke up, it should make sense that Courage is the only one who remembers him.

Production Notes[]

  • Although this episode premiered in the United States in April 2001, it was actually produced in 2000 according to the credits.
    • This episode was finished in October of 2000.[1]