Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Online Games featuring Courage the Cowardly Dog have been featured on the Cartoon Network website. By the time the show was cancelled, ten games were created.

Code Cracker (The Rat)[]


Code Cracker (a.k.a. The Rat)

Story / Instructions[]

The Farmer has been kidnapped by the evil rat dentist! Help Courage save him by cracking the door codes. Courage knows the code, but can't reach the control panel, so he is going to give you clues to help you work out which buttons to press. If you get them all right, you will rescue the Farmer...... again!!!!!


  1. Podium, Ace
  2. Mittens, Shoes
  3. Blind Mice, Triangle
  4. Broken Window, Clover
  5. Glove, Dice
  6. Eggs, Spider

The Dribbling Dog[]


The Dribbling Dog

Story / Instructions[]

Courage is so worried about his soccer skills that he is having an awful nightmare. Help him to master the ball while dribbling through all the obstacles. Collect bones to get extra energy.

Hellbound Hound[]


Hellbound Hound

Story / Instructions[]

Oh dear, Courage has stumbled upon the service entrance to Hades and is heading down, down, down! Guide Courage from platform to platform, dodge the ghouls and avoid falling into the fiery pits below.


Snack Attack[]


Snack Attack

Story / Instructions[]

Argh! An army of mutant aubergines has landed in the middle of nowhere. Muriel and Eustace have been put into a trance, cloned and shrunken by the evil eggplants and are sleepwalking toward doom.