Ostriches are giant flightless birds that roam the plains of Africa. An Ostrich was only seen once in the series, as the bird only appeared in the episode, "Remembrance of Courage Past."


In "Remembrance of Courage Past", Courage has multiple flashbacks about his parents being abducted by a deranged vet when he was very young. In one of these flashbacks, a young Courage tries to look for his parents around the veterinarian's building. He comes upon a door, which he opens, revealing a giant Ostrich on the other side. Courage seems to have disturbed the Ostrich, as the bird roars at the dog while he was in the middle of eating food out of a small bucket. Courage, being frightened, slams the door and runs off to find his parents.


  1. "Remembrance of Courage Past"


  • The Ostrich roaring maybe a reference of how birds were believed to be descended from the dinosaurs.
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