Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

The Parachute Lady makes several appearances on Courage the Cowardly Dog. They are listed below, in order.

Physical Appearance[]

She is shown to be a tanned woman with short black hair and green eyes. Her clothing attire includes a long sleeve green shirt with light green sleeves, a purple scarf around her neck, a light green skirt, pink tights, black boots with purple heels and toes, and her most notable trait is her Parachute.


Little Muriel[]

Her first appearance was in Little Muriel, where she was seen on Courage's plane heading for South America. She was driven crazy by Little Muriel constantly running back and forth on the plane and being hyper, so she jumped off the plane with her parachute, yelling out "I can't take it anymore!!".

Courage Meets the Mummy[]

Her second appearance was in Courage Meets the Mummy, where she was seen talking to the mummified Mayan Baker on a plane, telling him random stories and general chit-chat, which the mummy couldn't stand so he jumped off the plane (ironically, the same way Little Muriel drove her crazy, a reversal of the situation).

The Tower of Dr. Zalost[]

In The Tower of Dr. Zalost, she was hit by one of the sadness cannonballs and became depressed like everyone else in the town.

Record Deal[]

In Record Deal, she was seen buying a ticket for Velvet Vick's concert.

Curtain of Cruelty[]

She was affected by the pink wave and shot a nearby person with a bazooka shouting, "Out Of My Way!" She was seen again during the end of the episode being cured along with the rest of the citizens.

So in Louvre are we two[]

In So in Louvre Are We Two, she was seen outside the Louvre as a tourist.

Snowman's Revenge[]

In Snowman's Revenge, she was seen reading a comic book on the airplane, sitting between Courage and a giraffe, during Courage's mission to fix the hole in the ozone.

King of Flan[]

In King of Flan, she was seen buying flan.

The Nutcracker[]

In The Nutcracker, she was seen inside a grandfather clock and screamed when Courage opened it.



  • She has made at least one appearance in all four seasons.
  • She and the Storm Goddess look alike.
  • She is voiced by nurse Nancy Grabstein, who is the wife of Marty Grabstein (the voice of Courage). Marty explains Nancy was visiting him at the recording studio and was convinced in providing Parachute Lady's one line in "Little Muriel," albeit uncredited.[1]


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