Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog
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Pharaoh Phobia is a Courage the Cowardly Dog-based online video game that was originally distributed in Cartoon Network's website.


This game starts with a "dream vacation" to Egypt, which ultimately becomes a nightmare for Courage. Mummies and monsters has trapped Eustace and Muriel inside a pyramid. The player must guide Courage inside the pyramid to rescue them.

The game is played on the keyboard. Using the left and right arrow keys will allow Courage to move in the appropriate direction. The up and down keys are used for Courage to jump and crouch, respectively. The space bar is used to allow Courage to either enter through empty doorways, or open doors scattered throughout the floor. The doors in the middle of the chamber may either reveal a path to the Pink Chamber, a mummy, or a power-up. The doors at the end of the path will lead Courage to the next upper floor.

There are a total of 10 floors inside the pyramid. The main objective is to have Courage traverse from one floor to another until he reaches the top where Eustace and Muriel are trapped. Courage must avoid enemies and hazards scattered throughout the pyramid, primarily by either jumping over or crouching under them. If he gets caught within the hazard, Courage will scream in terror and his "Fear Meter" below will increase. If his Fear Meter fills up entirely, Courage will lose a life. Alternatively, Courage will lose a life if he falls down bottomless pits, which are scattered throughout the pyramid. Losing a life will cause Courage to restart from the last floor he was in. If Courage loses all of his lives, the game is over.


Courage can also find power-ups to help traverse through the pyramid easier.

Ankh - Grants extra life

Bird - Grants temporary invincibility

Cat - Temporarily puts enemies to sleep


There are a total of three levels the player must get through to beat the game.

In Level 2, enemies like scorpions and bats will appear in areas they originally weren't in Level 1, and their speed will increase slightly. Mummies will also be patrolling in some areas of the pyramid, which will slow down Courage.

In Level 3, enemies like scorpions and cobras will move much faster and will relentlessly chase after Courage, even if he jumps over them. Anubis's guards will now be freely patrolling alongside mummies.

The Pink Chamber[]

Some of the floor inside the pyramid will lead Courage to the "Pink Chamber". This floor is most recognized by the pink coloring of the ground Courage is traversing instead of the usual tan, and the music is replaced by the ambient background sounds. This floor acts as a "dead end", as it would either lead Courage back to the last chamber where he originally was before entering here, or way back to the bottom of the pyramid where he initially started.

Within the Pink Chamber are floating ghostly heads, a pit of cobras (similar to the Spiked Booby traps), and a skeleton Courage must safely traverse through. In later levels, mummies and Anubis's guards will patrol around the Pink Chamber. As the Pink Chamber has no empty doorways for Courage to safely avoid these monsters, it is recommended to not enter in these levels.

Enemies and Hazards[]

  • Skeleton (can be jumped over)
  • Bats (can crawl through)
  • Mummy (can be avoided by entering through a doorway while they bypass or lead them to a broken floorway for them to fall)
  • Scorpion (can be jumped over)
  • Spike booby traps (safely pass through once they are inactive)
  • Pit of cobras (only in the Pink Chamber, safely pass through once they are inactive)
  • Ghostly head (can crawl through)
  • Cobra (can be jumped over)
  • Anubis's guards (can be avoided by entering through a doorway while they bypass)
  • Flamethrower trap (safely jump over while inactive)
  • Floating Spirits (safely jump over)