Professor Frith is an archaeologist and historian employed at the Institute of the Pharaoh. His passionate research has lead him to the Bagge Farmhouse on many occasions.


He is dedicated to his studies and works to ensure the security of ancient works that have been recently found, misplaced or stolen. He expresses his interest not only through archaeological digs and exploration, but also by teaching about such topics on his television show. All that aside, Frith has shown to care about other people's safety, especially in matters relevant to his profession. He is also the keeper of intelligent, yet dirty jokes.


The representative voice of a museum, Frith traveled around the globe collecting information on ancient hierarchies. Upon finding out that the stolen slab of King Ramses was rediscovered, he offered the finder a tote bag in exchange for the million-dollar donation. His offer was denied, however. He would later report its safe return to the Egyptian tomb (Ep.7-1). Later, while studying the mummification of a Mayan baker, he was attacked by the subject, whom he had accidentally released. This led him back to the same household to deliver a warning of the mummy's vengeful arrival, who sought justice for the deeds of their ancestors (Ep.17-1). When the spine of a prehistoric Kangaroo Monster was recovered at the farm, he led a team of archaeologists in to uncover the remains (Ep.22-2).

Episode appearances

  1. "King Ramses' Curse"
  2. "Courage Meets the Mummy"
  3. "Forbidden Hat of Gold"
  4. "The Transplant" (cameo)


  • "What did one subatomic particle say to the other subatomic particle?"
  • "At last, the illiterate cursed slab has been returned to King Ramses' crypt where it will remain buried in antiquity for all time."
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