Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Record Deal is part two of the second episode of Season 3, following "Campsite of Terror".

The episode was produced in 2001 and premiered on Cartoon Network in the United States on February 8, 2002.


Shirley is doing spring cleaning in her wagon and is cleaning out an old, dusty trunk looking for things to get rid of. While she is doing that, Eustace is driving down the road in his truck, listening to a song he likes, Velvet Vic, until his radio stops working. As if by fate, Shirley finds a Velvet Vic record, saying its "big junk" and throws it out the window. The record hits Eustace in the head, causing him to crush his truck, but he's full of glee when he finds out he has a new Velvet Vic record.

He takes it back to the farmhouse and plays it. Courage gets annoyed by the record. As its plays, Courage notices that the spirit of Velvet Vic is slowly drifting from the horn of the record player and quickly cuts it off, which causes him to float back into the record player. Eustace doesn't notice this and turns it on, and again, Velvet Vic spirits float out of the record player and sits at the piano and plays it. While this is happening, Muriel's making sandwiches in the kitchen, and Eustace is delighted that Velvet Vic is sitting in their living room. As Muriel is serving the sandwiches, she tells Velvet Vic that she played piano in the past and demonstrates it. As Muriel does this, Velvet Vic stops playing and turns off the record player. She floats into the record player. He then smashes the record on the floor and tells Eustace that he's going on the road to do concerts again. Eustace tags along because Velvet Vic tells him that there is tons of money involved.

As they leave the farm, Courage tries to fix the record with tape and attempts to play it on the record player. Muriel comes out shattered-looking, Courage quickly stops it, and Muriel floats back into the record player. Courage decides to take the record to Dr. Vindaloo and makes a new copy of it. Courage plays it on a record player, but Muriel comes out with two heads, much to Courage's dismay. So he grabs the old record and flees the doctor's office. Velvet Vic makes a return concert set up with Eustace selling entrance tickets, while Shirley tries to sell her old junk around the corner and notices a poster of Velvet Vic, much to her surprise. Eustace doesn't want to be disturbed by Courage's concern about his disc, grabs hold of the broken record with the dog, and sends him flying, landing in front of Shirley. The fortune-teller tells Courage that no magic can fix the shattered-looking disk, suggesting to go digital. Courage goes back to the farmhouse and makes a disc copy of the record himself from the computer.

He heads to the concert venue with a CD player radio and tunnels underground and ends up backstage at the Velvet Vic concert. Eustace is standing between two large bags of cash, watching Vic play the piano on stage. Courage plays the disc over Velvet Vic's piano playing, and Muriel floats out of the radio intact and onstage next to Velvet Vic. She starts playing the piano with the audience. Velvet Vic tells her she's ruining his gig as she folds her arms and stops playing. Courage stops the music. That makes Velvet Vic float into the radio disc. Eustace runs off with the large bags of cash, trips over Courage's freshly dug hole, and falls. Shirley appears, and takes the disc from Courage and the money from Eustace for a "licensing fee", much to Eustace's dismay. Back at the farmhouse, Muriel is rocking Courage in her chair while Eustace goes through a pile of records, hoping that Velvet Vic comes out of one of them. He has a yodeling record playing, he sticks his head into the horn and gets sucked into the record player.


Main Characters[]

Minor Characters[]


  • The third appearance of Shirley.
  • The seventh appearance of Dr. Vindaloo.
  • It is unknown how Velvet Vic gets stuck in his own record, assuming that he's dead and his ghost floats out whenever his record plays, or Shirley laid a curse upon him when he was still alive.
  • This is the second episode to include swearing; in this case, the radio announcer says: "Johnny and the Dildos", with the word "dildo" being used for sex.


  • For some reason, the director and writer/storyboard credits are swapped in the opening credits.

Production Notes[]

  • Although this episode premiered in the United States on February 8, 2002, it was actually produced in 2001 according to the credits.
    • This episode was finished on June 15, 2001.[1]