Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Remembrance of Courage Past is the first half of the series finale, the other half being "Perfect.". It was written by Michael Sporn, and was directed by John R. Dilworth.

The episode was produced in 2002 and premiered on Cartoon Network in the United States on November 22 of that year.


After Courage sees a list of missing dogs, a flashback reveals how an evil veterinarian sent Courage's parents into outer space. Muriel and Eustace take Courage to the same veterinarian to get him checked out. But the veterinarian also attempts to send Courage into outer space.


As Courage prepares to enjoy empanadas with milk, he notices a missing dog ad on the back of a milk carton, triggering a series of flashbacks about his abandonment as a puppy. His loving parents took him to the vet after a mishap, and in a cruel turn of events, the veterinarian kidnapped them, leaving Courage traumatized.

Courage, lost in his memories, neglects his empanadas. Eustace seizes the opportunity to claim the meal for himself, expressing disdain for Courage. Muriel, concerned about Courage's behavior, decides to take him to the vet. In another flashback, a young Courage follows the veterinarian to a secret lab where dogs are caged, witnessing the evil vet's malevolent plans.

In the present day, Muriel and Eustace unknowingly take Courage to the same veterinarian, who turns out to be the evil vet from Courage's past. Recognizing Courage, the vet expresses a sinister desire to speak with the dog alone. Courage, aware of the impending danger, escapes the checkup room, leading to a pursuit through the hospital.

Flashbacks reveal Courage's failed attempt to rescue his parents from the evil vet's rocket launch. In the present day, Courage is ensnared in the vet's net as he activates the rocket's launch sequence, throwing Courage into the rocket and locking the door. Eustace and Muriel arrive just in time to witness the villain's evil plan and are also captured.

In a heart-wrenching flashback, Courage's parents remain trapped inside the rocket, their pleas for help echoing in the confined space. As Courage attempts a daring rescue, the evil vet appears on the launchpad, determined to capture Courage and prevent any interference.

With only 30 seconds left until the rocket's imminent launch, Courage desperately tries to outrun the pursuing evil vet. In a stroke of luck, he spots a garbage chute and dives into it, leading to a back alley adjacent to the launchpad. There, Courage watches helplessly as his parents are launched into space, a sense of profound sadness overcoming him as he tearfully waves goodbye.

Fast forwarding to the present day, with just 40 seconds remaining until launch, the evil veterinarian, fueled by malevolence, hurls Muriel and Eustace, already captured, into the rocket. Closing and locking the rocket's door, the vet ensures that his captives will be sent into space, eliminating any interference with his evil plan.

However, just before the door is sealed, Courage manages a daring escape. Chased around the launchpad by the persistent vet, Courage fights back in a desperate attempt to free Eustace and Muriel. As they watch the unfolding chaos through the rocket's door window, Courage knocks over a bucket of hardware, causing the evil vet to slip and fall to the ground.

Seizing the opportunity, Courage rushes to the rocket's door, attempting to open it and rescue his owners. The suspense builds as Courage struggles against the locked door, but despite his efforts, it remains unyielding.

With just 30 seconds remaining before the rocket's imminent launch, Courage finds himself struggling to open the door to the rocket. The tension rises as the countdown ticks away, and the looming threat of the launch intensifies.

In the midst of this critical moment, the evil vet, determined to capture Courage and trap him in the rocket once more, confronts the frightened dog. Laughter echoes through the air as the vet relishes in his sinister intentions, confident that he will succeed in carrying out his malevolent plan.

As Courage grapples with the stubborn door, the evil vet seizes the opportunity to grab him, attempting to secure his prey for the impending launch. The atmosphere is charged with suspense as Courage desperately fights against the vet's clutches, his determination to thwart the villain evident in his every move.

The countdown continues, and the struggle between Courage and the evil vet unfolds in the final moments before the rocket's launch. However, in a moment of desperation, Courage's sharp instincts kick in as he spots a stethoscope on his lab coat. Recognizing it as an opportunity to turn the tables, Courage seizes the chance to confront the evil vet. With unwavering determination, he prepares to do what he does best: face his fears head-on.

The atmosphere changes abruptly as Courage unleashes a piercing scream into the stethoscope. The sound reverberates through it, stunning the evil vet and catching him off guard.

The tables turn as the vet, now in pain and disoriented, finds himself momentarily neutralized by Courage's courageous and unexpected counterattack. The scream not only serves as a powerful act of defiance but also as a strategic move by Courage to disrupt the villain's plans and buy precious time. With the stethoscope distraction successfully neutralizing the evil vet, Courage seizes the moment to act decisively. Spotting a key, he moves swiftly, snatching it from the vet's pocket. In a testament to Courage's resourcefulness, he skillfully unlocks the rocket's door, freeing Eustace and Muriel from the imminent danger of being sent into space.

In a quick and calculated move, Courage throws his owners into a nearby storage bin, preventing the evil vet from trapping them in the rocket again. As the vet takes off his stethoscope, trying to regain control of the situation, he ducks to avoid Eustace and Muriel being thrown into the bin. With just 8 seconds remaining before the launch, the evil vet regains his composure and attempts to capture Courage once more. However, Courage, resilient and determined, turns the tables on the villain. Using the heavy door of the rocket to his advantage, Courage delivers a powerful blow to the vet's head.

As the vet reels from the unexpected attack, he weakly laughs. In a final act of defiance, Courage shoves the evil vet into his own rocket. Following his successful maneuver, Courage swiftly retreats to reunite with his owners. As the countdown races towards its conclusion and the rocket's imminent launch, Courage seeks solace in Muriel's comforting presence. With the countdown reaching its climax, the computer announces "launch" as the rocket engines ignite beneath, propelling the evil vet into space. Muriel, Eustace, and Courage witness the rocket lifting off, marking the defeat of the malevolent veterinarian and the end of his cruelty and twisted experiments. The trio stands in awe and relief as the rocket ascends, carrying away the source of their recent torment.

Grateful for Courage's bravery and quick thinking, Muriel expresses her thanks, acknowledging his role in saving them from an undesired space journey. Eustace, still disgruntled, asserts his refusal to sit at the table, maintaining his cantankerous demeanor.

In a poignant flashback, the episode revisits a crucial moment in Courage's past. As a vulnerable and frightened puppy, Courage had been abandoned near a launch site. Alone and helpless, he faced an uncertain fate.

However, fate takes a compassionate turn when Muriel discovers the abandoned pup. In an act of kindness, she scoops up the frightened puppy, calling him "Courage." Recognizing the inherent courage within the small canine, Muriel decides to take him home, offering him a second chance at a loving and caring family.

This heartwarming moment serves as a stark contrast to the darker events unfolding in the present day. The flashback not only highlights the bond between Courage and Muriel but also underscores the resilience and strength that Courage carries with him, despite the traumatic experiences he had faced in his early days.

In the final scenes, Courage and Muriel sit on the porch, grateful for each other's company. The episode concludes with Muriel wondering on what became of the cruel vet.

The episode concludes with the evil vet crash-landing on an unknown planet, discovering that his breeding experiment has failed. Angry dogs, including Courage's parents, surround the veterinarian. Nervously, he laughs onscreen before being mauled offscreen, ending his reign of cruelty.


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  • First and only appearances of the Cruel Veterinarian and Courage's parents.
  • This episode marks the only time in the entire series where Eustace's mask fails to scare Courage. This episode is the series finale alongside with "Perfect".
  • During the climax, Courage stuns the Cruel Veterinarian by screaming into his stethoscope, which is a reference to a gag from the 1944 Tom & Jerry cartoon, Mouse Trouble.
  • This episode aired on Adult Swim’s “Checkered Past” block on September 5, 2023.
  • Michael Sporn, who wrote the episode, also animated all of the Past Courage flashback sequences at his studio in Michael Sporn Animation, Inc.