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Robot Randy is an automaton from a foreign planet, whose starring role was in his self-titled episode. He is voiced by late Peter Fernandez.


His wish not to destroy made him an outcast to his fellow robots. He puts on a face of superiority, calling himself the "most powerful robot in the universe," but still finds himself to be a failure to his people. Secretly, he is an incredible whittler, specializing in reindeer sculptures, though he doesn't believe this hobby is worthwhile. He can also breakdance. His voice is styled after the actor Christopher Walken.


A pacifist in a society of violent robots, Randy was an object of ridicule among his clan. After excessive failure in the explosion department, he was sent to conquer Earth in order to redeem his honor. Once on the planet, he enslaved the residents of a farmhouse, forcing them to build statues of him. However, he was internally conflicted, as he did not wish to hurt others, but instead to whittle reindeer. The next day, a falling out between Eustace and Courage caused the statues to be destroyed, and so he punished the farmer and his wife. In the mean time, Courage challenged him to a dance competition to save them, which he won. Randy released his slaves, but realized that this confirmed his status as a failure. Fortunately, Muriel helped him see that his carving abilities made him too talented for petty destruction, and upon return to his planet, he was accepted for his skills (Ep.14-2).


  • "I don't wanna destroy things."
  • "I'm going to name you Ivana. That's a good reindeer name."
  • "I'm such a failure."


  1. Season 1 opening sequence (cameo)

Season 2

  1. Robot Randy (debut)

Season 4

  1. The Nutcracker (action figure)
  2. Swindlin' Wind (cameo)


  • Like Schwick, he is one of the antagonists featured in the Season One opening, despite appearing in Season Two.
  • His voice sounds similar to the actor Christopher Walken;
  • Though he doesn't like to destroy things, he did shoot the Bagge's house when Eustace entered, but only because Eustace ignored his warnings;
  • He is the only one of his species to be coloured red, blue and yellow; while the rest are coloured green, blue and yellow. He seems to be the shortest too, perhaps the youngest of his kind.

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