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Courage the Cowardly Dog
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Robot Randy is the second part of the first episode in Season 2, which aired October 31, 2000, following "The Magic Tree of Nowhere".


Determined to prove to his race of robot beings that he isn't a failure, a robot named Randy takes over the Bagge farm, forcing Courage, Muriel, and Eustace to be his slaves. Randy strives to make the Bagges' lives as miserable as possible, but Courage discovers that Randy is not as fierce as he appears...


On a faraway planet filled with robots, the inhabitants are demonstrating their destructive powers. Randy the robot doesn't want to destroy, and the other robots call him a failure. Their leader sends him away to conquer another planet, and ordering him to not come back until he does. So he flies to Earth and lands in Nowhere.

Randy finds the Bagge family. Eustace doesn't take him seriously and goes to get his mallet but Randy retaliates by blasting the house with Eustace in it. Soon enough, the family are now slaves they were forced to make statues and care to his needs. While smashing rocks with a pick ax, Courage accidentally hits Eustace's foot. Eustace responds by strangling Courage. Randy notices this and he orders everyone to get back to work. Eustace blames Courage for the predicament but Randy warns him a second time. Eustace refuses and Randy retaliates by blasting Eustace.

While working in tar, Eustace, as revenge for getting him in trouble with Randy, throws tar at Courage twice. This causes Courage to whine at Muriel for this. Muriel reminds him that his life is already horrible but Eustace, as usual, does not listen and continues throwing tar at Courage. Unknown to Eustace, Randy saw the whole thing and blast him again for not working this time into a pile of ash with glasses.

In the barn, Courage sees Randy whittling a reindeer out of wood. He thinks aloud on how a robot like him should be destroying things and not creating them. He calls himself a failure and he throws the reindeer he was working on out of the window. Courage finds it and brings it to Muriel and Eustace. Muriel believes Courage made it and ask where he got it. Randy comes and orders them to get back to work. While pulling a giant stone, Muriel's back gives out and she needs to rest awhile. Courage tries to tend to her, but Eustace complains on how he's the only one holding the stone. He lets go of the rope, and Courage, unable to hold on, lets go of the stone. It flies down, crushing and destroying the Randy statues. This angers Randy and he threatens to crush them.

But, Courage determined to save Eustace and Muriel challenges him to a dance off. If Courage wins, Randy will leave. If Courage loses, Randy will kill all of them. Randy puts Muriel and Eustace in a hole where they will eventually be crushed by a descending stone. After several rounds of break-dancing, Randy loses and Muriel and Eustace are saved.

Randy berates himself for failing to conquer a world, but Muriel and Courage cheer him up by telling him he is a talented woodcarver. Courage gives him the idea of making and selling his reindeer carvings. He gives his reindeer to the family as a parting gift (although Eustace wants to use the wood to repair the house) and returns home. On his planet, there is a line of robots buying his reindeer. The robot leader congratulates him for this deed, and tells him his isn't a failure. But, one robot, unimpressed, asks him if he can make anything else. Insulted, Randy uses his laser to blast the robot to pieces.


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  • Courage does not speak a single word of English in this episode.
  • Robot Randy makes his debut in this episode, although he did have a cameo in the Season 1 opening sequence.
  • This episode, along with The Magic Tree Of Nowhere, are featured as unlockable episodes in Cartoon Network Racing.
  • This episode taught an important lesson about accepting who you truly are and never changing yourself.
  • The music used for "The Hunchback of Nowhere" is reused in this episode, as it can be heard 3 times. These include:
    • A scene where Robot Randy carves wood to create reindeers.
    • A scene where Courage gives the reindeer figure to him so that he can go to his home planet.
    • A scene where Robot Randy sells figurines to the alien robots as the robot leader gives him a star.