Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Rumpledkiltskin, later Rumplestiltskin, is a short-tempered Scottish man featured in the episode "Rumpledkiltskin". He is the episode's primary antagonist and main character, asides from Courage and Muriel.

Episode Details[]

Posing as Muriel's Uncle Angus in Scotland, he kidnaps Muriel and takes her to his castle to force her into making kilts for him, and threatens to turn her and Courage into a Shepard's Pie if she refuses to comply. After she makes the first kilt, he orders her to make 4,999 more.

Courage later discovers his real name, "Rumpledkiltskin" (Rumpled•Kilt•Skin), by talking to his mother. After deducing that his anger and behaviors are probably due to him being embarrassed of his name, Courage and Muriel devise a plan to change his name, rearranging it to Rumpelstiltskin instead (matching the name of the fairy tale, incidentally.) At the end of the episode, having had his name changed, he shows remorse over his actions and apologizes to Courage and Muriel and even asks Muriel to become business partners with him, to which Muriel agrees.


Rumpelstiltskin (formerly Rumpledkiltskin) is an easily angered and foul tempered Scottish dwarf who first fraudulently poses as Muriel's Great Uncle Angus and invites her and Courage to his castle. But unfortunately, he imprisons them and threatens to make a Shepard's Pie out of them (and possibly eat them) if they refuse to make 5,000 tartan kilts because he has outlet stores and telling the two about supply and demand. After Courage escapes, he tries to give Rumpledkiltskin his name to fill out a check for $1,000,000, but the man is so mischievious he wrote CASH on the Pay To line and maniacally laughs. While in the next morning, Rumpledkiltskin angrily fires his elderly unnamed mother (or Mum, as he calls her) all for saying his name, albeit unheard. After the distraught woman whispers his name in Courage's ear, he goes back to Muriel to try and tell her the man's name, with a few mishearings. Rumpledkiltskin then bursts in saying time's up. After saying to Muriel that his name is none of her business, Courage babbles to the man saying he has an idea, with a game of charades.

  1. Courage spanks his rear, with the man saying buttocks, bottom, tush and heinie, to which Muriel says rump, which is the first word.
  2. Courage gets a walking support and moves very slowly, with the man saying old, which is the second word.
  3. Courage gets a kilt and wears it and frolics around, with Muriel and the man saying he's a girl, which Courage howls and the kilt falls off, which is the third word.
  4. And lastly, Courage goes to the sewing machine to color himself in tartan and comes out, with the man being confused that Courage's skin is different, with skin being the fourth and final word.

With the man's name being Rumpledkiltskin, he furiously yells no and says that's his name and says no one utters his name and stays under his roof and shrieks Courage and Muriel to get out. When Muriel says his name and thinks it's a darling, precious name, the man says to not say his name again, but not before bursting to tears, with the two feeling bad for him and Muriel suggesting that if he hates his name, why not change it. The man stops crying and says what do you mean change it, with Muriel saying change it to more on the lines of Rumpelstiltskin. The man says it does have a certain ring to it and willing likes it and says he feels like a new man, and asks Muriel if they can be full-time business partners, to which Muriel agrees and Courage playing the bagpipes, with Rumplestiltskin reforming as good.