Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Schwick (short for Buschwick) is a giant cockroach that appeared in Courage in the Big Stinkin' City serving as the main antagonist.


He is a shifty, argumentative urban roach with a suspiciously repetitive speech pattern. He's very convincing and deceiving; residing in the Radio City Music Hall basement and luring people in with misleading signs and promises of concessions, and then having them eaten by a mysterious creature locked up in a mouse hole. The exact nature of this process is unknown, though he has connections in creepy, abandoned areas that perhaps make it better left unsaid. He also prefers boxers over briefs, as seen when he was arguing with Eustace Bagge.


Originally from Bushwick, Schwick became an infamous criminal wanted for owning an evil package. After luring a number of people to their bony demise, he met Muriel Bagge and her family, who were in New York City that day for a sitar concert they won. Troubled by a plea for help written on the window that could alert the Bagges of his plan, he requested that Courage claim a package, without the interference of cops. When he returned, the content of the box, a squeegee was bent, and so he angrily chased the dog to the stage where he was caught in a trombone and arrested by the police. (Ep.15-2)


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  • In the Japanese dub, his name is Abu, short for Aburamushi, which is the Japanese word for cockroach. Despite various sources' claims, his Japanese voice actor is not Rie Tanaka (the voice of Sakuya Izayoi in Touhou Musou Kakyou), but rather a male voice actor.
  • Bushwick is the name of a real town in Brooklyn, New York. It is unknown why Schwick was named after the town he was born in. Though, his parents could've just been lazy, that is if Schwick has any.