Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Scuba Scuba Doo is an episode from Season 3.

The episode was produced in 2001 and premiered on Cartoon Network in the United States on June 14, 2002.


While scuba diving near a tropical island, Courage and Muriel discover an underwater civilization of tiny coral-dwelling people — the Coralites. Ma and her company Growth Industries believe that this particular type of coral "makes the best wigs" and she sets off on a mission to harvest the coral, even if it means destroying the Coralite civilization.


The Bagge family are on an island vacation. They are spending the day scuba diving near a coral reef. Eustace just wants to look for buried treasure, but gets attacked by an eel. Muriel and Courage inspect the reef, marvelling at the sea life. But, Muriel points out that there are tiny people having tea. Courage looks closer at some kelp, and sure enough, there are little humanoid sea creatures sitting at a table. Courage screams so hard, his scuba helmet flies off, and he needs to return to the surface.

Later, Muriel and Eustace are talking about the "wee people." Eustace denies their existence, but Muriel asserts that they are real. She adds that she and Courage are going back to the reef the next morning to see the creatures. Eustace does not want to go back in the water after his eel encounter. Muriel and Courage go to bed, but Eustace, unable to sleep, decides to call his mother. Ma isn't interested in what Eustace is up to, but her interest is piqued when she hears about the "little people" in the coral. She promptly hangs up and informs the person next to her, the director of Growth Industries, that she has found the coral they have been looking for. The director proclaims that the coral that the little people live in make the best wigs - ones that you do not need to brush or style.

The following day, Courage and Muriel dive to the reef with a pie for the creatures, while Eustace stays on the beach, looking for treasure. Three of the creatures greet Muriel and Courage, and lead them down a path hidden inside a giant clam. They eventually reach a miniature city within the reef. The mayor of the city welcomes the large strangers to Coralville, populated by the Coralites. Muriel offers the Coralites the pie, which they happily devour. A tiny Coralite girl eats the last crumb of pie, and belches loudly in Courage's face.

The Mayor takes Muriel and Courage on a tour of the city. He explains how Coralville was founded, and that the reef took over a thousand years to build. He adds that if the reef were destroyed, the Coralites would all die out. The group then comes across many Coralites working on enlarging and repairing the reef. Muriel and Courage join in with plaster and trowels. But, the reef is being scouted by Ma, who is piloting a submarine with a trapjaw. She uses her sub to bite off big chunks of the reef, causing the Coralites to panic. Muriel and Courage go to investigate. Muriel demands that Ma leave the reef alone, but Ma refuses, saying that the wigs made from the coral will make her rich. Muriel tells Courage to get Eustace, but Ma fires a torpedo at him. Courage manages to avoid being blown up by riding the back of the torpedo out of Coralville and back towards the beach.

Eustace has managed to find an old warplane buried in the sand. Just as he plans to sell it to a collector, Courage approaches with the torpedo. Courage jumps off, and the torpedo blows Eustace up. Courage takes the wingless plane and drives it under the water like a submarine. He starts firing the plane's guns at Ma, who returns fire with another torpedo. Courage manuvers the torpedo into hitting Ma's sub, but Ma emerges unharmed and with another torpedo launcher. She fires at Courage's plane, blowing it up. Courage, without scuba gear, knocks Ma's wig off. She dives to get it, losing her respirator in the process. Courage takes it and swims back to Coralville, while Ma is forced to surface before she drowns. She then gets violently swept away by a tidal wave, alongside Di Lung, who was coincidentally surfing on said wave. In Coralville, the Coralites thank Courage by putting a portrait of him in the hall of fame, alongside the statue of Coralville's founder, Ezra Jedidiah Coral, and thus, was labeled as a hero in their history.

Back in Nowhere, Muriel gives Courage her own token of appreciation: a pie. But, the little Coralite girl from earlier arrives, eats the pie in less than a second, and belches loudly, excusing herself.

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  • This was the last appearance of Ma Bagge, due to her voice actress passing away on September 7, 2001 two months after this episode finished production.
  • Di Lung is seen with a tan on this episode.

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  • In the opening credits, Lory Lazarus is misspelled as "Lori Lazarus".

Production Notes[]

  • Although this episode premiered in the United States on June 14, 2002, it was actually produced in 2001 according to the credits.
    • This episode was finished in July of 2001.[1]