Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Serpent of Evil River is part one of the ninth episode of Season Two, which aired June 1, 2001, preceding The Transplant.


Courage, Eustace, and Muriel are forced to help a pirate captain hunt down a one-eyed serpent in South America.


Eustace, Muriel, and Courage are watching TV at home. A commercial airs featuring Captain Sharkey, who is advertising a fishing trip on his boat. The moment he mentions that the trip is free for the first 3 passengers, Eustace eagerly agrees to go. At the boat, the captain introduces himself to the Bagges and gives them all coconut drinks. He starts up the boat and heads out to open water, eager to catch some fish. Muriel is excited at the captain's pirate talk and the prospect of landing a big catch.

Some time later, Sharkey approaches the Bagges, stating that "the party is over." He changes from his "eager fisherman" appearance into his true self: an angry pirate. He then appoints the family as his crew under threat of using them as his anchor. He makes Eustace the engineer, Muriel the ship's cook, and Courage the first mate. Muriel takes her new job in stride, but Courage attempts to object. After being used as a chew toy by the captain, Courage agrees to his new job and heads to the crow's nest to keep watch.

After an encounter with an annoying seagull and careening down a waterfall, Sharkey informs the Bagges that they have arrived at Evil River, where the "big catch" is. Later, Courage is manning the fishing line. Sharkey approaches the dog and tells him that he needs to be brave for the creature they are hunting. He shows Courage a poster of Carmen, a ferocious looking sea serpent. Courage, of course, is scared.

Later still, Courage feels a strong pull on the line. Sharkey orders Muriel and Eustace to help Courage hold the line. This causes the boat to be dragged downstream while the captain tries reeling in the beast. The fishing line snaps and the Bagges fall into the water. Courage sees Carmen approaching and throws his owners back onto the boat's deck. Muriel, still thinking that this is part of the vacation package, heads below deck to cook some muffins. Carmen surfaces and toys with the boat, tossing it further downstream.

The encounter with the serpent has killed the engine, leaving everyone at Carmen's mercy. Sharkey tells Eustace and Courage that in order to lure Carmen in, they will need something big, round, and chewy. Muriel comes back above deck to ask the captain if there is any brine for the muffins she is baking. Sharkey looks at Muriel and gets an idea of what to use for bait. After Muriel leaves again, Courage begs the captain to reconsider his actions and Eustace objects to his wife being used as bait. Sharkey offers to split the money he'll get for bringing in Carmen, and Eustace agrees as long as Muriel will be unharmed. Courage objects again, and Sharkey orders Eustace to tie the dog up so he won't interfere.

Afterwards, Sharkey and Eustace put Muriel into a diver's cage and give her a stereo playing opera music, as well as a giant pair of tongs. The music will attract the serpent, and once she is close, Muriel will grab her with the tongs. The cage is lowered into the water. Carmen approaches the diver's cage and Muriel tries getting her with the tongs. Meanwhile, in the crow's nest, the annoying seagull comes back. Courage teases the bird, causing it to peck at him over and over. The pecking starts to tear the ropes biding Courage. Carmen flings the cage back onto the boat's deck, but Muriel is not inside. Courage, now free from the ropes, puts on diving gear and dives down to find Carmen. Sharkey does the same, refusing to leave the area empty-handed. This leaves Eustace behind to be approached by a group of crazy monkeys.

Eventually, in a grotto, Courage finds Carmen singing "Habanera" to an unharmed Muriel. Muriel tells Courage that Carmen isn't really bad, and just wanted an audience. Courage and Muriel try to enjoy the show, but Sharkey arrives and attacks Carmen. Courage manages to distract him long enough for Carmen to finish her aria. The sound causes stalactites from the cave's ceiling to fall loose and trap the captain in a makeshift cage. Courage and Muriel head back to the boat with a barely conscious Sharkey. Carmen tows the boat down the river as thanks to her audience/saviors. Muriel tells Courage how exciting their adventure on Evil River was, and hopes that Eustace gets home okay. Eustace, however, is still with the monkeys who kidnapped him.


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Production Notes[]

  • Although this episode premiered in the United States on June 1, 2001, it was actually produced in 2000 according to the credits.
    • This episode was finished in November of 2000.[2]