Shadow is the shadow of a cruel, rich old guy who broke free when he died. He found the Bagges' house and started scaring Eustace and Courage. It is eventually revealed that he just wanted to be a star in show business, and that if he wanted to be a star, he shouldn't have scared people. Courage took him to be a shadow of a real star, where he became very happy, and waved goodbye to him.


  1. The Shadow of Courage


  • In the Japanese dub, Shadow is voiced by Yuko Ogiso.
  • He shares a name with a popular character from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, though this character is named Shadow because he is an actual a shadow.
  • He is not an actual villain, even though he is the shadow of a cruel person.
  • He's also pretty similar to Kana Anaberal from Touhou.


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