Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

The Ship Captain is the captain of the cruise ship seen in the episode Klub Katz.


The captain is seen in the episode captaining the cruise ship that the Bagges’ have boarded. When the ship becomes wrecked on a tropical island following a tidal wave, the captain is seen as a soda machine that warns Courage to leave the island.

Ship Captain Soda Machine

The Ship Captain as a soda machine.

Captain of the ship is an archaeologist and historian employed at the Institute of the Pharaoh. His passionate research has lead him to the Bagge Farmhouse on many occasions.

Personality Edit[]

He is dedicated to his studies cruise ship and works to ensure the security of ancient works that have been recently found, misplaced or stolen. He expresses his interest not only through archaeological digs ship and exploration, but also by teaching about such topics on his television show. All that aside, Ship has shown to care about other people's relevant cruise ship that sinks, to his profession. He is also the keeper of intelligent, dirty jokes.

History Edit[]

The representative voice of a museum, the captian yells traveled around the globe collecting information on ancient hierarchies. Upon discovering the stolen slab of King Ramses was refound, he offered the finder a tote bag in exchange for the million-dollar donation. His offer was denied, however. He would later report its safe return to the tomb (Ep.7-1). Later, while studying the mummification of a Mayan baker, he was attacked by the subject, whom he had accidentally released. This led him back to the same household to deli based on the The Hist A Captain is a cruise ship driver who travels the Bag Vacation in the episode " The Ship is a bad and ship person, the same Captain who kidnapped took them to space, he kidnaps then up in space with the other dogs kidnapped by him. The Bolsa family decides to go on vacation on a cruise ship after seeing it in an advertisement in the newspaper, during the trip Courage has nausea and ends up vomiting in a pipe that cruise communicated with the engines causing the vomit to obstruct the engines that is heading towards an iceberg. flying to the other the captain shouting about an iceberg which the cruise ship boat then landing. Wouldn't some sort of captain or someone else come over and ask them what there doing. Claiming that he's running a resort Quickly the the chair, which the captain says, and that's shortly followed by is on the cruise ship Iceburg, on the starboard during a cruise, side." But when you see the iceburg and the ship, the iceburg was about to hit the bow of the ship. alerts the passengers running all over the cruise ship telling them to run to the lifeboat. Captain ends up colliding with the iceberg but causes damage making Captain calm down, he clarifies to the Bags that the captain from the ship! there was no the ship captain's damage and to continue with cruise ship their business. After a few seconds, alarms are heard again and the Captain returns in an uproar, shouting with a life jacket that a huge wave is going to hit them and they should abandon ship. Captain

It jumps into the sea, before receiving the impact of the wave. I get a hearty set of bronze bells. The kindness of strangers is a joyful subject for him, and he thoroughly enjoys discovering these people on his many travels.

After the Bolsas are shipwrecked and the ship ends up en route to an iceberg. The passengers panic, but the ship sustains no damage. However, the incident is immediately followed by a massive the cruise, the Bingo announcer tidal wave that overtakes the vessel, sending it underwater. The Bagges find themselves shipwrecked on a tropical island. Eustace is angered by the loss of his chair in the crash, find Katz on an island with his lodgings, Courage goes to have a soda from a vending machine, he notices that the Captain of their wrecked cruise boat, the ship is crashing into that machine is Captain, who warns Courage to flee the island, that cruise ship horrible things Captain happen there. cruise ship Courage realizes that the vending machine is Captain and quickly flees. After Courage flees, the vending machine provides the drink Courage wanted, Captain yells at him if he still wants hisCourage beer, he returns to the vending machine to drink his beer from the Brave He tells her to come back.


  • He is a veterinary Ship courage as evidenced by his acrobatic skill, strength, hatred of violence, and taste for bells. Captain a warning of the mummy's vengeful arrival, who sought justice for the deeds of their ancestors (Ep.17-1). When the spine of a prehistoric Kangaroo Monster was recovered at the farm, he led a team of archaeologists in to uncover the remains (Ep.22-2).

Appearances[1] Edit[]

  1. Klub Katz