Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Smart Talk with Raisin is a short film by John R. Dilworth that aired on MTV's Liquid Television. It is notable for having a prototype of Courage in it, named Hamilton.



Hamilton, the prototype of Courage.

This short starts off in an apartment block, where a grey beagle cainine named Hamilton is trying to pull a malade out of his magic hat. Malcolm interrupts by making fun of Hamilton multiple times, and Hamilton's owner, Raisin, tells the audience that Malcolm should've gone to therapy. Then Malcolm's mother attacks him with a belt for selling food coupons in school. Hamilton finally pulls a malade out of his magic hat, when suddenly Raisin gets beamed by a UFO to a place containing a chair that looks like Earth. It is also revealed that the beating had no harm on Malcolm who carried extra protection(a trashcan lid on his butt). The shorts ends with Raisin sitting on the chair.





  • This short marks the only appearances of Hamilton, Raisin and Malcolm the prototypes of Courage, Muriel and Eustace.
  • This short aired as a segment of Liquid Television.
  • On Wet Shorts, the Best of Liquid Television, the Stretch Films logo is cut out.
  • Malcolm likes selling food coupons "eighty-cents-to-the-buck".
  • This short was used in a YouTube Poop by EmperorLemon called “ABUSE HIM!”


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