Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Space Chicken's Son is a three headed alien chicken from outer space and the son of the previous Chicken from Outer Space. He/they are the primary antagonist(s) of the episode Son of the Chicken from Outer Space.


They are usually seen carrying a directed energy weapon and a photographic camera.

Almost all of their individual traits seem to reflect their position on the body:

  • The left head (actual left, not perceived left) wears thick round-framed glasses, and has a combed-over hairstyle.
  • The middle head always has buck teeth, appears generally aloof and disorganized, and has neutral, non-styled hair.
  • The right head appears dominant and focus-driven, and has a slicked-back hairstyle.


Their mother ordered them to kill Courage because he accidentally killed their father. When they failed to do so, the chickens began to cry because their mother wasn't going to allow them to return home until they had killed Courage. Courage felt bad and wanted to help them, so he devised a plan to make it appear as if they had succeeded in destroying him. The chickens took several photos of Courage's staged demise as proof that they had completed their mission, and then happily went to their planet show their mother the photos.