Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

The Starmakers are a race of giant space squids that create stars. They appear exclusively in the episode Last of the Starmakers. They are called big ugly slugs by Eustace.


Starmakers are really large, extraterrestrial squids. Their length is probably more than 32ft-10 mt (comparing the body of the female fallen squid with humans seen in the episode).

It's really easy to recognize their gender as they have evident differences. Males have the body coloured in a shade of mint green with orange eyes, whereas females are bright purple with pink eyes. As babies, a female Starmaker may appear blue while the male is already the same green he has in the adult age. The male have a line similar to a cross in his body, the female has also a line but more simple and with three circlets under it. Females have also different eyes, having feminine lashes.


These creatures spend their time kicking around in space creating new stars and floating in the galaxy with tentacles like they are swimming in the water. They are a natural prey of Space Whales, which are able to inhale with black hole-like power. Other eventual space predators of them are unknown.

Typically they are very gentle and harmless creatures. They are really protective with their eggs and they can also sacrifice themselves if it's the only way to save them from potential threats and aggressors.

They do not speak and they must communicate only with body language; however they perfectly understand human language.

Powers and Abilities[]

Starmakers, as their name says, have creative power and are able to create stars and they spent a lot of their time to make them in the space.

Despite of this strong magical power they are almost harmless and weak as they must sacrifice themselves by exploding their body into a supernova to do lethal damage to an enemy as a last resort, having no other defenses. However, this suicidal explosion is very strong and can kill huge creatures like Space Whales. This blast radius also creates a constellation of the squid that made it.

Starmakers are also frail and can die very easily: this probably was one of the cause of their extinction.

Their size is formidable (theoretically being wider than the Bagge family farm), and they feature really long tentacles, which they don't normally use for attacking, but can actually do so, should they, or their offspring be threatened.

Should a Starmaker meet the end of its life on Earth, they will eventually disintegrate and turn into a lush garden with bushes and flowers. This trait, however, is only seen with female Starmakers.


Starmakers appears only in an episode, Last of the Starmakers.

This species was really near to extinction, counting only a couple of them alive at the beginning of the episode: an adult male and an adult female. The two Starmakers wandered for the space creating lot of stars and then they met, creating their couple and doing some eggs. The couple were soon attacked by a Space Whale, which tried to swallow both of them with the black hole in the enormous mouth, which catches the male off-guard, wrapping his tentacles around the whale. In the process, the male Starmaker sacrifices himself to save the female, exploding into a supernova before the whale could swallow him. Both him and the whale died in space from the blast, and the male Starmaker became a massive constellation with countless stars surrounding its blast radius. The female managed to survive and fell in the Earth, wounded from the space debris of planets in the vortex created by the whale. The female squid landed near the home of Courage and his owners, still holding her eggs. Despite Eustace's cold treatment and Courage's initial fears of her, Muriel was worried for her bad condition and wanted to help her. The squid mother showed Courage her ability to create stars, and then the little dog understood she wasn't a menace. When Muriel learned she came from space and inquired if there were other squids, the squid mother's tears told Muriel and Courage that she was the last of her kind.

A few moments later, the female was caught by the General, and had her bodily fluid drained out for scientific secret researches, and as the episode progressed, her body began to look more frail and wrinkly. Courage managed to save her babies through a stealthy infiltration in the scientific site, avoiding the Federal Agents. As the agents stormed the lab, the female was seen dragging them up in the air as she was laying the eggs, and moments after, they successfully hatched and the babies floated into Space, saving the entire Starmaker species to the extinction. Their mother was able to leave the lab, but it was too late for her. The female Starmaker thanked Courage and Muriel for allowing her to complete her life's work in the salvation of her species, but after doing so, she died peacefully as her body disintegrated in the ground, with her last remnants being a flourishing garden with grass and flowers. What follows is the offspring creating a constellation of two of their kind, presumably representing their parents, as they lead off to become the Starmakers' next surviving generation.


  • John R. Dilworth said in an interview that the way Starmakers die is possibly based on the Death of Narcissus, as when the space squids die, they become flowers and in the Death of Narcissus the blooming flower at his death represents new life after death.
  • It's not explained what caused the extinction of Starmakers, probably this happened from being hunted by Space Whales.
  • It's not sure if the scientists of the General were really the cause of death of the female Starmaker. She seemed to be already mortally wounded when she landed to the Earth, so probably she would have died also without being kidnapped.
    • It could also be due to the extraction of her vital fluids, as the female Starmaker was beginning to look more wrinkly as the episode progressed.