Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

The Storm Goddess is a beautiful deity who tries to steal Courage away from Muriel in the episode Stormy Weather. She is voiced by Ashley Albert.


The Storm Goddess is a beautiful dark-skinned woman with orange hair, a Greek-esque toga, black and gold boots, blue eyes, and green lip stick and eye shadow. 


As a goddess, she is presumably used to getting her way, hence her eagerness to take Courage as her own dog. The physical being itself is not so much the comfort to her, but having someone who is "sweet" and "understanding" to turn to. Without this, she is lost, and her moods affect the weather around her. Luckily for her, she has Duncan, who has a very similar outlook as a dog.

At any given moment, her winds surround her. As her emotions grow stronger, so does the weather.


The Storm Goddess arrived at the farmhouse after losing her precious pet, Duncan. She noticed a resemblance in Courage, and instantly attached herself to him. This unrequited bond caused Muriel to dislike her, and encourage her to leave. At dinner that night, the Goddess revealed that she intended to take Courage away. Muriel denied this desire, and as a result, the house was torn apart by the intense storm. Their argument continued as Courage disappeared from the scene.

When he returned, he bore the God Bone, and on that, Duncan. The Storm Goddess was thrilled to be reunited with him, but found that he was more interested in licking the bone than her. She again called out for Courage, though this time, Courage returns her affection in an attempt to make Duncan jealous.

Duncan eventually becomes incensed with Courage and the Goddess' affectionate display and knocks Courage away, taking his place with the Goddess back. Reunited, the two left happily together again.


  • She has the same character model as the Parachute Lady.
  • She is among the small handful of dark-skinned characters to be seen in the series.