Swindlin' Wind is part two of the twelfth episode of Season 3, which aired August 2, 2002 following The Quilt Club.


Eustace and Muriel go shopping in a gypsy bazaar to buy each other anniversary presents. There, they run into Shirley the Medium, who is selling an amulet that has caught Muriel's eye. Not wanting to pay the price, Eustace swindles her out of it by giving her the deed to an oil well which turned out to be an oil bill. So Shirley places a curse on Eustace and Muriel to make them uncontrollably swindle each other until she feels they've learned their lesson and perform an act of kindness to prove their good nature.



  • This is the fourth episode in which Shirley has had a major role.
  • Shirley's spell: "Swindling man and Swindling wife, bear this curse upon your life, instead of swindling for your lover, you shall swindle one another!"
  • While Shirley normally casts curses with her saxophone, in this episode she uses a pair of bellows.