The Duck Brothers is part one of the sixth episode of Season One, written by Craig Shemin, which aired January 14, 2000, preceding Shirley the Medium.


A white light illuminates the farmhouse in the middle of the night, lifting Muriel from her bed and into the sky. Afterwards she reappears with a strange device on her head and attempts to break into a military compound.




  • Courage: (seeing the bright UFO light) "Is it morning already?"
  • Green Brother: (seeing his brother lay an egg) "I told you to stop doing that!"
  • Green Brother: "We're duck brothers, we shouldn't be laying eggs!"
  • Green Brother: "We have not yet begun to fight!"


  • First appearance of the Duck Brothers.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the Duck Brothers are not voiced by Ringo Starr of The Beatles, as confirmed by John R. Dilworth himself in an interview with RebelTaxi of YouTube. Though he does not confirm who in fact voices them, leaving it still open to speculation.
  • It has been confirmed on IMDB, that Will Ryan voiced the Duck Brothers.
  • First episode of 2000.
  • "Alien Species 559" will appear in a later episode as the Space Dino.