"The Fog of Courage" is a CGI animated special of Courage the Cowardly Dog. The special was produced in 2012-13 as the possible pilot for a CGI revival of Courage.

It has only aired on southeastern-Asian Cartoon Network channels in November 2013, with an Indian airing following up in September 2014; however, it can be viewed by residents of the USA on YouTube.


When Courage finds a mysterious amulet while digging through the yard, a Ghostly Fog covers the farm. Eustace, however, refuses to return the amulet that apparently belongs to the Fog Ghost's long lost love, Cariana. Now Courage must protect his family from the vengeful fog spirit.






  • For some reason, Eustace is credited as "The Farmer".
  • Wallace Shawn voices Eustace in this special, replacing Arthur Anderson. The late Lionel G. Wilson can still be heard at the end of the closing credits, as he has since 1999.
    • Quite noticeably, Shawn made no attempt to give Eustace a Scottish accent, as Wilson and Anderson had.
  • This is Eustace Bagge's final antagonistic role.
  • This special's plot is similar to that of King Ramses' Curse, in which Courage also finds a valuable relic which Eustace plans to sell, and refuses to give back despite being haunted by King Ramses.
  • This is the third appearance of the CGI Courage but this time making its full appearance. The first two being "Hard Drive Courage" and "Perfect".
  • This is the last episode to feature Courage, Muriel, The Computer, and Eustace Bagge.
  • This also marks the last defeat of Eustace Bagge.



  • Courage's mouth doesn't move when he says, "The things I do for love!" (Although it should be noted that John Dilworth stated on his facebook that he added the lines after the scene was animated, which explains the error)

Plastering notes

  • The original Cartoon Cartoons jingle is heard over the current Cartoon Network logo.




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