The episode begins when (The Great) Fusilli, a talking alligator, drives to the farmhouse in a truck with a stage setup where he approaches Eustace, Muriel, and Courage with a deal to make them stars, promising Muriel fame and Eustace money.  He has them rehearse lines and a clown family scene with an invisible audience applauding. Courage joins the act after impressing Fusilli with a tap dance and discovers a room full of people turned into puppets after being stunned when a pie is thrown onto his head by Eustace.

As Eustace and Muriel continue their act, magical strings fall from the masks above the stage, turning them both into puppets. Courage escapes the strings (as well as other traps), hiding backstage in a jar of make-up powder and Fusilli is unable to find him.

While Fusilli is above the stage, playing with the Eustace and Muriel puppets, Courage walks up to him, covered in powder. Fusilli thinks Courage is a phantom and runs away, dropping the puppets. Courage takes the puppets home. As Fusilli is on the stage, the spotlight turns on.  He performs and embraces the stage, as the magic turns him into a puppet.

Back at home, Courage controls Eustace and Muriel as puppets from the stairs and re-enacts Eustace trying to scare Courage with the Ooga-Booga mask. Courage leaps down back into Muriel's lap and acts out a scared reaction, closing the episode with "The things I do for love...".