Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

The House of Discontent is the first half of the twelfth episode of Season 2, which aired November 9, 2001, preceding "The Sand Whale Strikes".


This episode begins with the trio standing by a wilting flower while Muriel reads a prayer about the harvest moon, asking it to fill the flower with life. The flower lies lifeless on the ground. Eustace says that nothing has grown at their farm in years and he's done trying to make anything grow.

The three go about continue their usual activities. Muriel is in the kitchen when she hears an echo-like voice telling her to get out. She looks for the source and sees nothing. The voice sounds again and this time louder and slightly angrier. Suddenly, all of the utensils start levitating, the drawers and cabinets slam open and closed, and the food in the kitchen comes to life and attacks her. Courage uses the truck to break through the wall and save her.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Eustace is taking a bath. The same voice is heard telling him to leave. This time the walls burst from water forcing its way into the room. The water splashes him around the room. The bathtub and water combined become too heavy and the floor breaks open. The bathtub lands by Muriel and Courage and breaks that floor too, sending all of them to the basement.

The Bagges see a floating ghostly head staring down at them. This ghost is the source of the voice earlier. He tells them that he is the Spirit of the Harvest Moon and explains to them that they must leave the farm due to lack of crop growth from them. It states that if they do not grow a single plant by midnight, they will be forced to leave the farm. Eustace refuses to grow anything or leave the farm, and the spirit says there will be consequences if he does nothing. Courage quickly rushes to the dying flower while Eustace argues with the ghost (and Muriel).

Courage tries several methods of bringing the plant to life but they are all in vain. Midnight comes around and the ghost locks Eustace and Muriel in the basement. The temperature begins rising to extreme heat and things begin to melt. Courage remembers a leaking pipe in the basement and rushes there to get the flower some water. He breaks the pipe open but nothing but sand comes out because of the heat. He then sees Eustace sweating and holds the plant under the sweat. The flower bursts to life and the basement doors fling open, lowering the temperature. The ghost head re-appears one last time, stating that Eustace has learned to be a good farmer and has grown something more than a plant. Eustace is proud and says that he can sell his crops to people for money.



  • The Spirit Of The Harvest Moon is a giant live-action head.
  • This is the first episode where Eustace hasn't said the word "stupid".
  • Harvest Moon is a video game made by Natsume, which coincidentally is about farming just like how the setting takes place in a farm.
  • The person who sings the "Happy Birthday" song on the radio is John R. Dilworth's brother, Jim P. Dilworth.
  • The scene where Muriel witnesses all the objects in the kitchen levitating is likely referencing a 1911 French illustration depiction of a Poltergeist, where a female servant witnessed the kitchen equipment floating by themselves.


  • This is an episode where Eustace doesn't fall victim to the main villain at the end.


  • When Eustace is in the bathroom, he has his radio on the toilet, and the seat is up. However, when he is seen changing the radio station, the toilet seat is down.
  • When Courage drove the truck into the house. At the time, Eustace drop into and the truck was didn't see at this time.
  • When Eustace says "darn commercials" while "Happy Birthday" is played, the closed captions say "d-mn" instead.


  • "I'm a farmer! Farmer, farmer, farmer! Ain't stubborn! Ain't, ain't, ain't!" - Eustace.
  • "At least I got arms and legs, you don't even got a neck. Ha ha ha!" - Eustace.
  • "Your time is up, non-farmer." - Spirit of the Harvest Moon