Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

This article is a transcript of the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode "The House of Discontent" from season 2, which aired on November 9, 2001.

Bagge Farmhouse
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(Night time at the Bagge Farm. A full Harvest Moon shines brightly over the land. A wolf is heard howling. The camera pans down to show Muriel, Eustace, and Courage standing outside.)

Muriel: (reading from a book) "And as we honor the land...may the blessing of the Harvest Moon fill this lovely plant with life and beauty." (she closes the book and everyone looks at the plant; a dead, withered flower) If possible.

(Courage pulls out a bell from hammerspace, and rings it vigorously while hopping and dancing around. He stops after a few moments and looks at the flower. Nothing happened.)

Eustace: Don't waste your breath, Muriel. Nothing ever grows here. Nothing ever will. I'm done trying. Nyeh!

Muriel: Ooh!

Eustace: (stomping the flower) Rotten soil. Let's eat. (walks toward the house)

Muriel: Oh, my.

(We get a close up of the flower, still very much dead. Cut to the farmhouse kitchen. Muriel is washing dishes in the sink with a pink sponge.)

Muriel: (humming)

Ghostly Voice: Get out...

(Muriel drops the dish and sponge into the sink in surprise.)

Muriel: ...I must be hearing things.

Ghostly Voice: Get out...

Muriel: (trembles a little and looks around) I am hearing things. And I'm hearing a voice saying--

Ghostly Voice: Get out...

Muriel: (shivering) Yes, that's right.

(Objects in the kitchen start to rattle around. Muriel screams as appliances and utensils fly in the air. Drawers and cabinets slam open and closed. The refrigerator door opens, and food starts hopping off of the shelves and toward Muriel. Muriel backs into a corner.)

Muriel: Aaaaaaah!! Ooooh!!

(Cut to the bathroom. Eustace is filling the bathtub with water. A small antique radio sits on the toilet. While it plays its broadcast, Muriel can still be heard screaming.)

Radio DJ: And now, by special request, "Happy Birthday" by J.P.

Man 1: Hit it! One, two, three, four!

Man 2: Happy birthday!

Man 1: Happy birthday!

Eustace: Darn commercials.

Man 1: Happy, happy, happy birthday!

(Eustace fiddles with the dial, and the enthusiastic birthday callers go silent. Cut to outside the farm. Courage is in Eustace's truck, chewing on the stuffing that is coming out of a hole in the truck's seat.)

Muriel: (from inside) Help! Help!

(Courage's ears prick up at hearing Muriel's screams. He rushes to the kitchen window and sees Muriel getting attacked by the kitchenware and food.)

Muriel: (as food climbs onto her body) Aaaaaahhh!!

(Back to the bathroom. The tub is full and Eustace takes off one of his shoes.)

Radio DJ: Right here in beautiful New York City...

Ghostly Voice: Get out...

Radio DJ: (at the same time as the ghostly voice) from J.P. Dilworth. That's D-I-L-W-O-R-T-H.

Eustace: Darn talk radio. Blah, blah, blah! (turns the radio off)

Ghostly Voice: Get out...

Eustace: (looks around for the source of the noise) What? Who said that? (the door and windows slam shut on their own) Agh! Muriel? Muriel! (whimpers)

(At that moment, the medicine cabinet flies off the wall, pushed by a torrent of water. Geysers of water start shooting through holes in the walls, knocking over cabinets and fixtures. Eustace yells in fear. Back in the kitchen, Muriel is still being attacked by items in the kitchen. Courage tries opening the window, but it isn't budging. He runs to the back door and tries yanking the knob, but it is stuck, too. Finally, Courage runs to the truck and jumps inside. He starts the truck's engine.)

Courage: (worried whine)

(Courage floors the truck, in reverse, and sends it crashing into the kitchen wall, creating a massive hole.)

Courage: (laughs deliriously)

Muriel: Help!

(Courage snaps out of his stupor and enters the hole in the kitchen. He nearly gets hit by a flying pot. Haunted food is all over Muriel, and Courage dodges a roast chicken and a spoon that are flying at him. An orange shoves itself into Muriel's mouth.)

Muriel: (muffled screaming)

(Courage lifts Muriel by the ankle, opens his mouth as wide as he can, and shoves his food-covered owner inside. After a second, he pulls Muriel out. She is covered in slobber, but the food is gone. Courage's stomach bloats a little, and he looks nauseous.)

Courage: (his stomach gurgles; he groans, then belches)

(Eustace's screaming can be heard. Cut to the bathroom, where there is a tidal wave of water throwing Eustace around. Back in the kitchen, the ceiling above Muriel and Courage starts to crack, then leak. The rest of the floating dishware flies off in different directions as more water falls from the cracks. Soon, the bathtub, with Eustace inside, falls through the ceiling and onto the kitchen floor. The torrent of water quickly follows, sending everyone falling through the floor and into the basement.)

Eustace: (groans in pain)

Muriel: (stands up and stares at something offscreen) Oh, my!

Courage: (groans, and tries to get up, then looks at what Muriel is staring at)

(What everyone is looking at is a giant ghostly head; white as a sheet with blackness where his eyes should be, and a photorealistic nose and mouth. His lips are as black as his eyes.)

Courage: (screams and flails his arms)

Eustace: (standing up and pointing) Would you look at that?

Muriel: It's a floating head.

Eustace: I was talking about that leaky pipe.

(Sure enough, there is a leaking pipe just to the left of the ghost.)

Eustace: Waste of money. Gotta fix that leaky pipe. (takes a step towards the stairs)

Spirit: Get out.

(Eustace stops in his tracks. Everyone shivers in fear.)

Muriel: That's not very polite.

Spirit: You didn't let me finish.

Muriel: I'm sorry.

Spirit: It's time to hit the road.

Muriel: Well, that's not much better.

Eustace: Just who do you think you are, Head?

Spirit: I'm the Spirit of the Harvest Moon.

Eustace: And I'm a bucket of sardines.

Spirit: On this night of the Harvest Moon...when all that grows from the soil is celebrated, and offerings are made, you have nothing.

Eustace: Lousy soil!

Spirit: It's not the soil. Because you don't respect your must leave it.

Eustace: I ain't leaving nothing.

Muriel: We've been here almost all our lives, Mr. Ghost- Uh, Spirit- Eh, Head. We can't just leave.

Eustace: I ain't going nowhere.

Spirit: Then you will suffer the consequences.

Eustace: You got big ears, but you ain't hearing me. I ain't going nowhere.

Muriel: Please have mercy on us. We're a poor farm family. We'll try harder. We will.

Spirit: All right. You have until midnight to grow something. And if you can't, well, you were warned.

(A loud ticking is heard. The family looks toward the noise; the grandfather clock fell through to the basement. It shows the time as 11:50pm.)

Courage: (gasps and shivers)

Muriel: But that only gives us 10 minutes.

Spirit: By midnight, you either grow... (the cellar doors slam open, revealing the sky) ...or go.

Eustace: Blah, blah, blah! I ain't growing and I ain't going. (steps into the bathtub and sits down)

Muriel: I don't believe you, man. What a stubborn old goat you are.

Eustace: Blah, blah, blah!

Muriel: You can't grow a thing, and you won't admit it.

Eustace: You don't know nothing about farming. I'm a farmer. I got a green thumb.

(While they argue, Courage looks at them, then at the Spirit, then at the clock. Still 11:50pm.)

Courage: (whines)

Spirit: You're no farmer.

Eustace: Am too!

Spirit: Are not.

Muriel: Stubborn is what you are.

Eustace: Am not.

Spirit: Are too.

(Courage quickly runs up the cellar stairs to outside. He hurries to the dead flower and cradles it in his paws.)

Courage: (whines)

(Courage quickly grabs a heat lamp, and shines it on the plant. Cut back to the cellar, where Muriel, Eustace, and the Spirit are still arguing.)

Eustace: (to the Spirit) I'm a farmer. Farmer, farmer, farmer. (To Muriel) Ain't stubborn. Ain't, ain't, ain't.

(The camera shows the clock again. It is now 11:55. Back outside, Courage plays a gentle tune on a violin for the flower. He stops to see if the plant has responded. Nothing has changed.)

Courage: (depressed groan) Ooh...

(Back to the cellar.)

Eustace: (to the Spirit) At least I got arms and legs. You don't even got a neck. Ha, ha, ha.

Spirit: Get out of my face.

Eustace: Make me.

Spirit: Wait until midnight comes around.

(Cut to the clock. It seems to be 11:58. Back outside, Courage has hooked up a medical IV drip to the flower. The machine pumps the nutrient filled water into the flower's stem. An EKG machine on the IV stand beeps steadily, indicating there is still a pulse.)

Courage: (worried) Ooh!

(Back to the cellar. Eustace is plugging his ears with his fingers.)

Muriel: Stubborn.

Spirit: Not a farmer.

(Back outside, the IV bag is completely drained. As the last bit of fluid enters the plant, the EKG flatlines and makes a steady beep. Courage is losing the plant.)

Courage: (howls and yanks his ears)

(Courage runs off, and returns with a green watering can. He tips the spout over the flower, but only dust comes out. Courage flips the can upside down and shakes it, but there is no water to be found. He gasps and a thought bubble appears next to his head. He remembers the leaky pipe in the basement. He carefully scoops up the plant, and some of the dirt it has taken root in, then carries it back towards the house. In the cellar, Eustace is still plugging his ears.)

Muriel: Stubborn.

Spirit: Not a farmer.

(Eustace looks back towards the clock. It is midnight.)

Spirit: Your time is up, non-farmer.

Muriel: Now you've gone and done it. It's midnight and we haven't grown a thing.

Spirit: Get out now or face the consequences. (he fades away)

Eustace: No such thing as consequences and I ain't going.

(The clock begins to strike 12. On the first bell toll, the cellar doors slam shut just as Courage is about to reach them. He hops around in a panic. Back inside, Muriel and Eustace start to sweat.)

Muriel: Eustace, it's getting awfully warm in here.

Eustace: And I suppose that's my fault tan.

Muriel: This is no time to argue. But, yes.

(A thermometer on the wall indicates that the temperature is quickly rising in the basement. Back outside, Courage tries opening the cellar, but it won't budge. He runs over to the back door and yanks on it, but it doesn't open either. Courage babbles and frets. Back in the basement, objects like the bathtub and stairs are starting to melt. Muriel and Eustace are sweating buckets. The liquid in the thermometer starts to boil.)

Muriel: Eustace, I'm feeling faint.

Eustace: Faint, nothing. I'm melting.

(Back outside, we see a hole near the entrance to the cellar.)

Courage: (grunting)

(Courage is digging a tunnel with one paw and holding the flower with the other. He makes his way towards the cellar. In the cellar, Muriel and Eustace sit on the floor, weak from the heat.)

Muriel: (groans)

(The thermostat breaks due to the intense heat. Just then, Courage tunnels up into the cellar, just in front of Muriel and Eustace.)

Eustace: Agh!

Courage: (looks up and gasps)

(The pipe from before is melted, and only sand pours out.)

Courage: (pitched-up yell, then babbling as he looks around for a different source of water)

(Courage sees the profusely sweating farmer. He walks up to Eustace, then holds the flower under the sweat dripping from the farmer's chin. The flower regains its color, and springs back to life. It is a lovely red daisy.)

Courage: Yay!

(The cellar doors slam open again, allowing cool air to enter the cellar. Muriel and Eustace stop sweating and stand up.)

Eustace: (notices Courage and the flower) Huh? What's that?

Muriel: It's your plant, Eustace. It's alive.

Eustace: Did I do that?

Courage: (nods) Mm-hm!

Eustace: I didn't know I could grow something. That's - That's pretty. I did that?

Muriel: You did say you have a green thumb.

Eustace: Uh, yeah. Well, I do. I'm a farmer, you know.

(The Spirit fades back into the basement.)

Spirit: For the first time, you are. You have grown more than a plant. Happy planting. (fades away again)

Eustace: What did he mean by that?

Muriel: I think he meant you grew something inside.

Eustace: Yeah, a great big hungry hole in me stomach.

(The next morning, Muriel and Courage stand on the porch, looking at something in the distance.)

Muriel: Well, I guess Eustace really did learn something under the Harvest his own way.

(The camera pans over to show Eustace and his new roadside stand. The sign says "Plant for Sale" in green paint. The red daisy is in a pot.)

Eustace: And then I'll grow hundreds of plants, thousands of plants, and I'll be rich, rich, rich. I got me a green thumb, Muriel! Hee, hee, hee... Green... like money!

(Eustace continues to laugh. Iris out.)