Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

This article is a transcript of the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode "The Magic Tree of Nowhere" from season , which aired on October 31, 2000.

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[It is daytime at the Bagge Farmhouse. A truck with "Farm & House" written on the side pulls up to the house, honking its horn. A Farm & House employee opens the doors on the back of the truck and kicks a package outside. The package hits the front door and lands on the porch. The truck can be heard driving away as Muriel opens the front door to see what the noise is about.]

Muriel: Ooh! My package has arrived.

(Cut to the kitchen. Eustace is sitting at the table, eating a bowl of cereal and milk. Muriel walks in, holding red curtains in her arms.)

Muriel: Eustace, how do you like the new kitchen curtains? (shows the curtains to Eustace)

Eustace: Yeah, blah, blah, blah.

Muriel: (pulls a green seed packet off of the top of the curtains)And they came with a complimentary package of seeds.

Eustace: What? Seeds? (takes the seed packet from Muriel and looks at it) Ain't nothing grown here in 50 years. (rips the top of the packet open)

(Outside, Courage is making sandcastles. He has a intricately built one at his side, not dissimilar to the Notre Dame de Paris. On Courage's other side, another bucket is full of sand.)

Courage: (happy muttering noises; picks up the bucket)

(He flips the bucket over next to his castle, and when he lifts the bucket up, the sand morphs into another fancy tower. Back inside, Eustace has dumped the contents of the seed packet into his hand. Three red and purple seeds are in his palm. Muriel busies herself with hanging the red curtains at the kitchen window,)

Eustace: What kind of dumb seeds are these, anyway? These ain't growing seeds. (tosses the seeds out the window)

(Outside, Courage is still working on his Gothic sandcastle, but the seeds Eustace threw come sailing out the window, and land on his head one by one.)

Courage: (grunting) Huh?

(The first two seeds bounce off of Courage's head and into his paws. The last seed bounces of Courage's head, bounces off of the sandcastle, and then lands in his paws. The seed's impact causes the sandcastle to collapse back into dust.)

Courage: (groans sadly, then sniffs the seeds) Hm...

(Courage hurries off away from the house. Several yards away from the chicken coop, he uses one of his feet to dig a hole in the ground. He drops the seeds into the hole, then covers the hole back up with the loose dirt. Courage smiles at his work.

Just then, a dark cloud passes in front of the sun, and thunder starts rumbling. The cloud is right above Courage and the planted seeds. The cloud dumps a torrent of water, drenching Courage. After a moment, the rain stops. The recently disturbed earth suddenly sprouts a purple branch. It wiggles a little, then the rest of the new growth follows behind. A fully grown purple tree quickly grows from the soil. Magenta leaves and pink roses sprout from the tree's branches. On the front of the tree's trunk, a lavender oval forms. By this point, Muriel has come outside to see what has happened in the yard.)

Muriel: Oh, my, Courage. Did you do this?

(Eustace watches from the window at the house.)

Eustace: I've never grown anything. Not even weeds. But that stupid dog can grow trees? (angry groaning)

(A whistling sound can be heard, but it's not coming from Eustace. The whistling is coming from the oven. Inside, a pie is burnt to a crisp and smoking.)

Muriel: (offscreen) Aah! My pie!

(Muriel enters, and puts on an oven mitt. She opens the oven, and gray smoke billows out. Muriel and Eustace fan away the smoke with their apron and hat respectively.)

Muriel: Oh, Eustace, I wish I had a new oven.

(A magical twinkling noise is heard. Courage stands near the door with a gas mask, and has propped the door open to let the smoke escape. After a moment, there is a loud thud outside. Courage looks outside and sees that a fancy new oven has seemingly fallen out of the tree.)

Courage: (babbling, hopping around)

(Eustace and Muriel walk to the open doorway and see the oven.)

Muriel: Is that a new oven? Go have a look, Eustace.

Eustace: Why me?

(Eustace walks outside and up to the new oven.)

Muriel: Bring it in! Bring it in!

Eustace: (grumbling)

(Eustace hoists the oven onto his back, but struggles with the weight. He stumbles back and forth with it before eventually making his way towards the house with it. He sets it down in the kitchen next to Muriel and Courage.)

Eustace: (stands up straight, cracking his back) Aaah!

Muriel: Thank you, Courage, for the new oven and that lovely tree. (pats Courage on the head)

Eustace: (growls)

(Later, Courage is outside again. He plays with a toy bulldozer.)

Courage: Vroom, vroom... (lifts a some dirt up with the bulldozer's shovel; the shovel snaps off) Ohhh...(picks the tiny shovel up and sticks it on the toy, it falls off again)

(Courage whimpers and a thought bubble appears next to his head. He thinks about a real bulldozer. There is another magical twinkling noise, followed by a loud thud. Courage looks towards the noise, and drops his toy bulldozer. A full sized, yellow bulldozer has fallen from the tree. A few moments later, Courage and Muriel are driving around in the bulldozer, digging up the soil and leaving big holes in the ground around the farm.)

Muriel and Courage: (laughing)

Muriel: What fun, Courage!

(The two of them continue to laugh and joyride around the farm. Eustace leans out the window of the house to yell at them.)

Eustace: Stop that racket! I'm taking my nap.

Muriel: Oh, Courage, turn it off! Turn it off!

(Courage frantically pulls the levers on the bulldozer's controls. A hatch on the underside of the shovel opens up, and dumps its load of dirt onto Eustace, burying him in it.)

Eustace: (muffled) Stupid dog.

(Later that evening, Muriel sits in her rocker under the magic tree. Courage is resting in her lap. Eustace walks towards Muriel, wearing his jacket.)

Muriel: Eustace, where are you going?

Eustace: I'm going to the picture show. I'm not wanted around here, anyway. (walks towards his truck)

Muriel: I wish we could see a movie.

(Another magic twinkling noise. A beam of light appears from the tree's leaves, and the sound of a movie projector starting up can be heard.)

Muriel: Oh!

(The tree is projecting a black and white horror movie onto the side of the house. Meanwhile, Eustace is in his truck. He turns the key in the ignition, but once the engine turns over, he notices the movie playing on the side of the house.)

Eustace: Wha-?

Muriel: Oh, my. Isn't it grand to have a tree?

(Courage eats a piece of cheese in response. As Eustace looks at the tree, he growls in anger. He stomps on the accelerator of his truck, driving directly towards it.)

Courage: (screams)

(Muriel stands in the path of Eustace and the tree.)

Muriel: Eustace!

(Eustace slams his foot on the brakes, bringing the truck to a screeching halt.)

Muriel: Don't you harm this tree!

Eustace: I'm taking it down, Muriel. Get out of the way!

Muriel: Where are your marbles? We need this tree, Eustace. It's providing for us.

Eustace: But that's my job. Rotten tree.

(A little later, Muriel and Courage are asleep in the master bedroom. Eustace, however, is walking outside toward the tree. Muriel's rocking chair is still sitting next to the tree.)

Eustace: There'll be no more rocking under this tree. (picks up the rocking chair, then looks back at the tree) I don't know what Muriel sees in you. To me, you're just a stupid, rotten tree. Ha ha ha ha ha. (walks back towards the house) And I wish she had a bigger head, then she'd know better.

(Another magic twinkling noise.

The following morning, Eustace and Courage are looking at Muriel lying on the couch, their faces full of concern. Muriel's head has indeed gotten bigger; it is nearly twice as large as her body, and covered in green lumps. Her head is so big that she needs to hold it up using Eustace's armchair. An ice pack sits on her engorged head.)

Muriel: (groans and rubs her head)

Eustace: Muriel, what'd you do to yourself?

Muriel: Courage, could you get me some water, dear?

(Courage nods and hurries to the kitchen.)

Eustace: How about breakfast?

Muriel: No, thank you, Eustace. I couldn't eat a bite.

Eustace: I meant for me! Uh-oh. This is serious. I better call the doctor. I'm getting hungry.

(A little later, Dr. Vindaloo has arrived to the house. He is using a stethoscope on Muriel's head.)

Dr. Vindaloo: Tsk, tsk, tsk. This is the worst case of boli-boli I have ever seen.

Eustace: What?

Courage: No!

Dr. Vindaloo: I'll do everything known to medical science.

(Dr. Vindaloo turns towards Muriel, and puts on a big rubber glove. He also pulls out a toy hammer and bops Muriel's head with it. He then pulls a big pair of scissors out, and snips some hair from Muriel's head. He finally pulls out a wrench, and ratchets something on Muriel's head. He turns back towards Eustace and Courage.)

Dr. Vindaloo: Aha! Nothing to worry about... But, there's nothing I can do. (leaves through the front door)

Courage: (yanks on his ears, hops around, and howls in frustration)

Eustace: This is all your fault, dog. You and that rotten tree. Now I gotta order take-out for breakfast. (picks Courage up and boots him out the front door) Stupid dog!

(Courage goes flying out the door, bounces off the ground, and lands against the trunk of the magic tree.)

Courage: (whimpers)

(Courage looks up at the tree, then hops to his feet.)

Courage: (hopping around) Help, help! Help!

(Another magic twinkling noise. This time, the tree has gained a face. Green eyes appear in the bark, and the lighter colored spot in the trunk shows a photo-realistic mouth.)

Magic Tree: Courage. Courage.

Courage: (beat, then screams so hard his fur flies off, leaving his skeleton)

Magic Tree: Do not be afraid. I have the cure you seek.

Courage: Yeah! (jumps with joy)

Magic Tree: It will take three days. And in three days, I will be cut down.

Courage: Noooo!

Magic Tree: Anything worth its value is worth fighting for.

Courage: Huh? (scratches his head)

(Cut to inside the barn. Eustace is holding up an axe. Courage peeks in to see what the farmer is up to.)

Eustace: (laughing) Chop, chop, chop. Down you go! (swings the axe) Chop, chop, chop.

Courage: Noooo!!

(Courage quickly runs off to get his bulldozer. He starts digging and piling dirt around the tree. Meanwhile, Eustace is at a grindstone, sharpening his axe. Sparks fly off of the metal. Back outside, Courage has made a sand fortress around the tree. He has also dug out a moat around the fortress, and fills the moat with water from a hose. In the barn, Eustace continues to sharpen his axe.)

Eustace: (laughing evilly, then stops grinding the axe to look at it; he presses the other side of the blade to the grindstone) Chop! Chop, chop, chop!

(Outside, Courage tears open a packet of "Instant Eel." He dumps green powder from the packet into the filled moat. The water bubbles, and after a few moments, a monstrous eel bursts out of the water.)

Eel: (roars)

Courage: (screams, then zips into the air, away from the eel)

Eel: ♫Oh, Danny boy

The pipes, the pipes are calling...♫

(Later, Eustace walks towards the fortress. He is dressed in a brown tunic, burgundy fur-lined boots, and a cape made from a wolf's pelt. He's holding a crude-looking axe. Courage is inside the fortress, playing with marbles.)

Eustace: (runs towards the fortress with his axe over his head) Aaaah!! Chop, chop, chop!

(Courage panics and starts flinging his marbles towards Eustace. The marbles land in Eustace's path.)

Eustace: Chop, chop, chop. (slips on the marbles) Whoa! Aaaaaaah!!

(Eustace falls into the moat. After a moment, he jumps out of the water, screaming. The singing eel surfaces, waving his arms and growling.

Later, Eustace has tied a red cloth around a boulder. He lifts it, and starts spinning it around over his head. He allows the weight of the rock to carry him into the air towards the fortress. Courage gasps and ducks behind the wall, but pops back up wearing a batter's helmet and holding a baseball bat. He prepares to swing the bat at the rock, but looks closer, and puts the bat behind his back. The rock and Eustace land in the lower wall of the fortress. The rock and Eustace fall out of the hole in the wall, and into the moat. Courage peeks out of the hole. A "crunch!" is hear under the water, and Eustace comes flying out of the water, holding his bottom and yelling. He darts away as the eel surfaces again, roaring and waving his arms.

A bit later, the fortress has sustained a lot of damage, but it, and the tree, are still standing. Off in the distance, Eustace is seated in a catapult bucket. He raises his axe, and brings it down onto the restraining rope, cutting it. He sails through the air over the wall of the fortress.)

Eustace: Chop! Chop, chop, chop!

(Inside the fortress, Courage is standing on a stool in front of a big pot of boiling soup. Eustace lands in the pot.)

Eustace: Huh? (sizzling noise) Aaaaaah!!

(Eustace flies into the air again, smoke trailing behind him. Once again, he lands in the moat. Eustace and the eel rise from the water, arm in arm.)

Eel and Eustace: ♫If ye will bend

And tell me that you love me...♫

Eel: (roars, and bites down on Eustace's upper body)

(Eustace yells indistinctly while the eel shakes Eustace around in his mouth. Much later, the fortress is little more than a single wall with large holes in it. The tree still stands unharmed. Courage sits in the fortress, tired from the day's onslaught. Suddenly, there is a phone ringing. Courage pulls a cell phone from hammerspace and brings it to his ear.)

Courage: Uh-huh?

Dr. Vindaloo: (on phone) I have the cure.

(Courage quickly takes Eustace's truck and drives it down the road to the clinic. Once inside, he sees Dr. Vindaloo, holding an applicator bottle filled with a green substance.)

Dr. Vindaloo: I've discovered the remedy. This will cure your broken leg. (gives the bottle to Courage)

(Courage just looks at the bottle, then at Dr. Vindaloo. Not only was this a waste of time, he left the tree unguarded.

Back at the farm, Eustace stands before the tree, holding his axe.)

Eustace: (growls)

Magic Tree: What's it to you that cutting me down will bring? Will it make you feel more important?

Eustace: Well, uh... yes!

(The truck quickly pulls back up to the farmhouse. Courage brakes hard and exits the truck. He turns to the tree, and finds that it has been cut down. Cut to an unknown area, where large axe-shaped rock formations dot the skyline. Courage quickly climbs the tallest one. When he reaches the top, he screams his anguish. Courage screams so hard and so long that the sun shatters into pieces and falls from the sky.

Courage returns to the farm and walks up to the fallen tree.)

Courage: (falls to his knees, cries and whimpers)

Magic Tree: Courage. Courage.

(Courage's eyes pop open, and he looks at the tree again. The tree still seems to have some life left in it as its face reappears.)

Magic Tree: I have the remedy you seek. Pick all the flowers from my branches...and mix with pure hornet's honey. This is the cure.

Courage: (smiles, sniffles, then gasps)

(The tree closes its eyes and its mouth disappears as it dies. Courage quickly searches the tree's branches, and pops out of the leaves with pink roses in his paws.)

Courage: Yes!

(Cut to a field where a hornet's hive the size of a bus hangs from a tree branch. The hornets can be heard buzzing inside. Courage makes his way toward the hive with the flowers. He looks up at the hive, then sets the flowers down on the ground. He enters the hive from a hole in the bottom. The camera pans over to a stream in the field. A butterfly flies across the screen. After a moment, Courage can be heard screaming.

Cut to inside the farmhouse living room. Muriel is still lying on the couch with her engorged head.

Courage, covered from head to toe in welts from the hornet stings, has a big spoonful of honey mixed with pink petals from the roses. He puts the spoon into Muriel's mouth, and she chews the mixture.)

Muriel: Mm, mm, mm. (gulps)

(Courage watches, and Muriel's head shrinks down to its normal size. She sits upright on the couch and fluffs out her hair.)

Muriel: Ah, that's much better. Courage, would you like a cup of tea? (walks to the kitchen, humming happily)

(Courage turns around to watch her leave the kitchen. He raises his arms in victory.)

Courage: Yay!

(Later that evening, Muriel and Courage go outside to look at the magic tree's stump. From the stump, a tiny pink flower bud is growing. Muriel pats Courage on the head, and the pair smile at each other.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Eustace has gotten his punishment for cutting down the tree. His head is now grossly engorged like Muriel's was.)

Eustace: (groans) Muriel. (groans) Is the tree growing back yet?

(The screen irises out, ending the episode.)