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Courage the Cowardly Dog

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The Tree is a character that only appears in the episode "The Magic Tree of Nowhere".

The Magic Tree of Nowhere[]

After Courage planted some seeds that ruined his sandcastle, they grow into a large tree complete with beautiful flowers upon being showered by a rainstorm. Eustace is immediately angry and jealous of Courage's success at growing the tree, which is eventually revealed to have the ability to grant any wish or desire - a new oven for Muriel, a real construction vehicle for Courage, and even showing them both a movie.

This caused Eustace's jealousy of the tree to worsen, and after he had unknowingly abused its abilities by causing Muriel to suffer an engorged head, he attempted to cut it down. For three days, Courage had to constantly foil Eustace's attempts (the tree had told him that the cure for Muriel's affliction would take three days to be ready), going as far as to build a fort all around it.

While Eustace eventually overcame Courage's efforts to protect the tree, it still managed to give Courage the cure (all the flowers from its branches) with its dying breath.

Sometime later, a flower is shown to be growing from the stump of the old tree, symbolizing that the tree will return someday in the future.

As retribution for committing such an act, Eustace was later cursed with the same affliction Muriel previously suffered.


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  • The tree appears in the show's opening, despite not being an antagonist.