Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

This article is a transcript of the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode "The Mask" from season 4, which aired on October 18, 2002.

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(Mid morning at the Bagge Farm. Courage is taking a nap outside of the henhouse, while Muriel gathers eggs inside. The camera pans over and a mysterious figure in a white, flowing robe, and a massive white mask approaches him.)

Kitty: Dogs are evil.

Courage: (waking up) Huh?

(Courage looks up at her, sees the unsettling mask, and screams. Kitty is holding a kitchen sink, and starts pummeling him with it. Courage tries to crawl away.)

Muriel: Courage!

(Courage cackles deliriously, and his eyes and nose pop off)

Muriel: (steps out of the henhouse) Oh! playing with your new friend, that's grand. Pleased to meet ya, Courage doesn't make many friends ya know. We'd love it if you joined us for tea.

Courage: No, no, no! (protesting gibberish.)

Muriel: Fine, I'll let you two alone to play... Such a lovely girl.

(Courage tries crawling away again. Kitty, now holding a washing machine, pummels him again. Cut to the kitchen. Muriel, Eustace, KItty, and Courage are at the table having breakfast.)

Kitty: My name is Kitty, and I've come from the wrong side of the tracks. My closest friend, Bunny... (pours herself some tea)

Muriel: Yes?

Kitty: Fell in love with a gangster.

Muriel: Oh my!

Kitty: He treats her like she's a slave.

Eustace: My kind of guy!

Kitty: He's a low down dirty dog.

(While Kitty says this, Courage rubs the lumps on his head from Kitty's earlier assault.)

Muriel: Gracious me!

Kitty: When he found out I was trying to get Bunny to run away...(brings her teacup to the mask's mouth; the tea spills) he threatened my life!

Muriel: Oh my! Poor dear!

Courage: (babbles angrily, gesturing to the bumps on his head and pointing at Kitty)

Muriel: Courage! Let our guest finish her story.

Eustace: Yeah! Shut up! Stupid interrupting dog.

Kitty: I was forced to leave my home, and my best friend, Bunny. I'm lost without her, I can't bear to face the truth, that I'll never see her again.

Muriel: Oh, such a pity.

Eustace: Take that mask off, you might see better.

(Kitty slaps the tea and sugar off of the table.)

Muriel: Oh!

(Kitty glares at Eustace for a moment, then walks away.)

Kitty: Dogs are evil...

Muriel: Eustace, let's not mention her mask again.

Eustace: (mumbling.) Don't tell me what to do... (gibberish.) mask if I want to.

(Later that day, Courage is laughing at a TV show. A puppet cat is kicking at a puppet dog.)

Courage: Ha, ha ha ha ha haaaa....

(Kitty walks in front of Courage, brandishing a dead fish. She smacks Courage with it.)

Muriel: (steps into the living room) Oh! There's my halibut. (Kitty continues hitting Courage) Not to bother, just have fun!

(Muriel walks back into the kitchen, and Kitty keeps hitting Courage with the fish. Scene transition to the bathroom. Muriel is plunging the toilet. Courage enters, his head covered in bandages.)

Courage: Huh?

Muriel: Oh, see what you can do. I'll go get Eustace.

(She hands Courage the plunger and exits the bathroom, closing the door behind her. A moment later, Kitty opens the door to find Courage plunging. She approaches him.)

Kitty: Evil dogs.

(Courage yelps and shakes. Cut to the bathroom door, where Eustace enters.)

Eustace: Huh? Sorry... (Kitty is shoving Courage into the toilet with the plunger.) Sorry! (He exits, closing the door)

(Kitty continues using Courage to unclog the toilet, and he falls off of the plunger into the bowl. She slams the lid and flushes.)

Muriel: (hearing the flushing toilet) You fixed the toilet Eustace, good job.

Eustace: (coming down the stairs) Blah blah blah... shut up.

(Scene transition to kitchen. Everyone is having dinner, except Courage, who is hiding under Muriel's chair.)

Eustace: Whatcha hiding from anyway? Can't eat the food.

(Courage howls with worry.)

Kitty: I simply don't wish to face reality.

Muriel: But my dear, we all must face reality.

Kitty: Really? Like how you sneak extra sweets when no one is watching?

(Cut to the kitchen, earlier in the day. Muriel is raiding the fridge, and comes out holding a slice of chocolate cake. Kitty is watching from outside the window nearby.)

Muriel: Oh!

Eustace: Muriel!

Kitty: And you, you say you can fix anything.

(Scene transition to the basement. Eustace is trying to fix the boiler, but it backfires into his face. In frustration, he lifts the boiler off the ground and throws it away.)

Eustace: Ha ha ha... Muriel! I fixed it!

(Kitty is watching from the open cellar door. Back to the dinner table.)

Eustace: Ahh! I'm going to bed. (He gets up and leaves)

(Cut to the attic. Muriel opens the window. A foldout bed has been set up for Kitty.)

Muriel: I've made a bed for ye here in the attic... I hope you'll be comfortable... Just shout if you need anything.

(Kitty sits on the bed, and watches Muriel leave. After Muriel closes the door behind her, Kitty sadly lowers her head. Scene transition to the bedroom of Muriel & Eustace.)

Muriel: Eustace? Do you think I eat too much?

Eustace: Nah! Dumb mask lady... I can fix anything.

Muriel: Well, goodnight Eustace. (turns off her lamp)

Eustace: Yeah yeah... Goodnight. (turns off his lamp)

(Cut to outside of the attic. Courage watches Kitty through the keyhole. She reaches into her robe's pocket, and pulls out a fluffy mouse toy with a little bell on its tail. She strokes it with one of her fingers, and it squeaks. She sets it down on the mattress and starts batting it back and forth with her paws. It bounces out of her paws, and she stops playing with it. She then stands up and lifts the mask off of her head and sets it by the computer desk. She turns toward the camera revealing her face: the face of a green-eyed cat.

Courage's eyes bug out and he shrieks like a kookaburra for a few seconds before clamping his mouth shut. He frets again for a moment before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a key. He locks the attic door and runs screaming to Muriel and Eustace's room. They wake up with a start.)

Muriel: Courage! What's wrong dog?

(Courage babbles, then shapeshifts into a tentacled eyeball monster, then a biting, slobbering set of jaws, then returns to normal for a moment before shapeshifting into a green imp-like monster with tentacles for feet. He returns to normal.)

Muriel: Courage! How could you say such things?

Eustace: Yeah! Stupid dog!

Muriel: All we know about this poor girl, is that she is from the wrong side of the tracks... (Courage imagines Kitty as a giant monster standing by the railroad tracks.) To better understand her, try to see the world she sees it. (Courage imagines Monster Kitty holding Muriel and Eustace in her claws. She bites off Eustace's torso. This causes Courage to scream again.)

Eustace: Shut up! Stupid dog. (he kicks Courage out of the room)

(Courage starts thinking again. He imagines Kitty's mouse toy surrounded by question marks, then changes to Courage presenting the mouse toy to a police officer. The thought bubble changes to army tanks and airplanes, and Courage starts to smile. The tanks surround the Kitty Monster. The scene changes to Muriel hugging Courage next to the bottom half of Eustace. Courage happily sighs as the thought cloud poofs away. Courage walks to the door opens to see Muriel and Eustace asleep in the bed. Courage shuts and locks the door then heads to the window.

He climbs out of the second floor window, and up to the open attic window. Kitty is asleep with her head under her pillow. She is holding the mouse toy above the pillow. Courage carefully tries taking it out of her hand, but she is tightly gripping it. Courage then notices the feathers sticking out of the pillow. He pulls a large one out and starts tickling Kitty's side with it. After a few seconds, she takes her hand off of the mouse to scratch the tickled spot. Courage takes the mouse off of the pillow and leaps out of the window. He rushes over to the truck, starts it up, and drives off.)

(Commercial break)

(Scene change to a diner. Courage is drinking a root beer float. He pulls out the mouse toy and looks at the bottom side. There is some writing.)

Courage: (reading the message) To: Kitty. Love, Bunny. (Courage imagines Monster Kitty bursting through Muriel and Eustace's bedroom wall, roaring at them. The couple scream in terror.) Ahhh!

Charlie the Mouse: (entering) Hey! There'll be none of that around here! (looks down at the mouse toy) Ain't that Kitty's mouse? You a friend of Kitty and Bunny?

(Courage speaks gibberish at length, pulling off his ears, eyes, and nose, and pulling out his teeth. As Charlie says his next line, Courage puts his body parts back in.)

Charlie: Right... Bunny's in a bad way without Kitty. These two was the sweetest gals that ever lived. But Bunny's guy, Mad Dog, he didn't like them being so... friendly like. He's one nasty piece of jealously. He and his gang live down the road. You know where. (Courage shakes his head.) After you get Bunny outta there, tell her Charlie says, "Hey."

(Scene change to the farm. Muriel is trying to open the bedroom door.)

Muriel: Courage! Courage! Courage! Courage, please! Are you there? Oh dear, why is this door locked? Oooh! (she hops around and holds her midsection, then crosses her legs, indicating she needs to use the bathroom.)

Muriel: Eustace! Wake up!

Eustace: What?

Muriel: I need to go to the bathroom man, and I can't open the door.

Eustace: Can't open the door, can't open the door. Can't get no sleep either... (he tries opening the door, but can't) What? Dumb door! (He tries ramming the door with his shoulder, then kicks it. He holds his foot in pain and hops on his other foot.)

Muriel: (also hopping around) Eustace, Kitty was right about you, you can't fix a thing!

Eustace: Oh yeah? You want some chocolate?

(Scene change to Mad Dog's place. It's a rundown apartment building with sinister red light coming from all of the windows. Courage has parked the truck outside of the building on the other side of the tracks. Courage exits the truck and looks down one side of the tracks, then down the other way. Massive smokestack buildings make up the skyline in this part of town. Courage looks directly at the rundown apartment, then down at Kitty's mouse. He gives a worried sigh and imagines Monster Kitty holding Muriel and Eustace's lower half. Monster Kitty bites off Muriel's upper half, chews, then swallows it.

Courage hurries over to a broken down car in front of the building. As he approaches, a pink Cadillac pulls up to the front of the building. It has a bone-shaped hood ornament, and the license plate "K-9". The car turns off, and a scary looking doberman with a leather jacket steps out. He sniffs the air. Courage hides inside of the broken down car, shivering and holding his ears. The doberman growls, then sniffs the air some more, seeking out who smells so strange in his territory. Courage continues to cower in the junker. The doberman sniffs the air once more, then his armpit. He shakes his head in disgust, confirming the source of the weird smell. He walks over to the other side of the car, where another doberman in a leather jacket opens the door. Mad Dog, a doberman with a spiked collar and a white wife-beater, exits the car.)

Mad Dog: Move ya tail, Bunny.

(He grabs a sad looking pink rabbit girl wearing a fur coat by the arm and drags her inside. Courage holds up the mouse toy and inspects the bottom. He scratches his head.)

Courage: Bunny?

(Scene change to the farm. Kitty still has her head under her pillow. She stirs in her sleep, and grabs around for her mouse toy. She fully wakes up and checks under the blanket, then under the bed. Cut to Eustace and Muriel in their room. Eustace is tying sheets together to climb out the window.)

Kitty: Nooooooo!

Muriel: Oh my!

Kitty: Where is it? Who stole it? It was that dog! They're all alike. They steal what you love the most.

Muriel: Eustace! Kitty's in trouble! Hurry! Out that window!

Eustace: Why me?

Muriel: Out you go! (she pushes him screaming out the window) Oh my!

(Scene transition to Mad Dog's place. Bunny and Mad Dog sit on a couch. Bunny sits at the edge of the couch, as far away from Mad Dog as possible, resting her head on her arm. Mad Dog places a hand on her back.)

Mad Dog: Come on, Bunny. Don't I make you happy no more? (now angered) Or maybe you're still thinking about Kitty!

(Bunny sighs and looks away)

I told you to forget her! I take you from a two-bit joint and make you a class act, and you want to make me second rate?! (Bunny just looks at him with the same sad expression while scratching her neck) If I even smell Kitty, I'll bury the two of ya!

(This scares Bunny to the point she starts crying.)

Mad Dog: (Sits next to her and acts gentle again) Oh Bunny, you know you're my girl. Let's go back to the way we was. You know, happy like. (He grabs Bunny's hands, which startles her, then he hugs her) Everything's okay... okay...

(Bunny keeps sobbing until she sees a lamp on the wall close enough to Mad Dog's collar hook. She chains Mad Dog's collar onto it and grabs a suitcase from under the couch. She hesitates for a moment while Mad Dog starts pulling the lamp further and further from the wall. She opens the door to run away, only to be stopped by his gangsters. Courage looks away as Bunny screams from the fire escape outside.)

Bunny: Let go of me! Let go of me! Let go of me!

Mad Dog: Get this thing off of me! Keep hold of her!

Bunny: You dogs are all the same! Animals! Animals!

(Courage imagines Monster Kitty yet again, holding the two lower halves of Muriel and Eustace. She shoves them both into her mouth and eats them with relish. Scene change to the farm. Eustace is trying to pick the lock to the attic door with a screwdriver. Kitty pounds on the door.)

Kitty: Let me out!

Eustace: Quit your banging! I'll let ya out! (continues jimmying the lock until the screwdriver snaps in half) Gah! Cheap tools!

Kitty: (still banging on the door) Let me out! Nooooo! (she tears her white robe off and runs offscreen)

(Cut back to Muriel and Eustace's room. Muriel is leaning her head against the door.)

Muriel: I'm going to explode, I am. Oh! Eustace, hurry! Huh? (notices a bobby pin on the floor) Ah! Lovely!

(Back to outside the attic. Eustace is hitting the doorknob with a giant rock. The rock disintegrates.)

Eustace: Cheap rocks.

(Cut to the second floor hallway. The sound of a toilet flushing is heard as Muriel emerges from the bathroom.)

Muriel: Oh, what a relief.

(Scene change to Mad Dog's place. Courage knocks on the window. We can see Bunny in a giant flower pot with a dirty shovel nearby. Mad Dog has literally buried her up to her neck in dirt. Bunny groans sadly, then notices the knocking noise. She looks at the window and Courage waves his arms at her, smiling.)

Bunny: (panicking) No! No! Not another dog!

Courage: Shh! (he holds up the mouse toy)

Bunny: (sighs) Oh, Kitty! Help me! Before they return!

(Courage attempts to open the window, but it won't budge. He frets and babbles for a moment, then smashes his body through the window.)

Mad Dog: What was that?

Bunny: Hurry! They're coming!

(Courage starts digging the dirt up to reach Bunny. He once more imagines Monster Kitty. She's getting nice and comfy in Muriel and Eustace's bed, chuckling evilly all the while. This is interrupted by one of Mad Dog's henchmen entering the room. He sniffs the air a few times, then turns and notices Courage. Courage, holding the shovel, turns the lights off. Several hitting noises are heard followed by a thud. Courage turns the light back on and the battered doberman is lying on the ground unconscious. Courage goes back to the flower pot and pulls Bunny loose from the dirt.)

Mad Dog's Gangster: What's going on in there?

(Scene change to the farm. A great deal of explosives are in front of the attic door. A few steps away is Eustace, ready to push the detonator. Muriel comes up the stairs.)

Muriel: What in the world are you doing man?

Eustace: Stand back Muriel! I can't open the door any other way.

Muriel: That's alright Eustace, try this. (presents the bobby pin)

Eustace: Just a bobby pin, huh? I could have thought of that.

Muriel: I've decided to cut back on my sweets.

(They enter the attic. The furniture is haphazardly thrown around the room. On the floor is Kitty's mask.)

Muriel: She's gone!

Eustace: What a mess!

Muriel: (looks out the window; a rope is dangling from the sill) Must of had to go to the bathroom.

(Eustace picks up Kitty's mask, grumbling. Scene change to Mad Dog's place. Both of Mad Dog's henchmen are battered and buried up to their necks in the flower pot. Surrounding the pot are bombs, arrows, and the dented shovel. Courage is covered in soot and ash, and he pants heavily. A rather exciting fight happened offscreen.

(Bunny opens the door to the apartment and hears growling. She slams the door.)

Bunny: Oh no! Mad Dog is coming!

(Courage screams and flings himself through the side of the window with no hole in it onto the fire escape. He babbles to Bunny, beckoning her over. She runs over to the window and starts climbing through.)

Mad Dog: Bunny!

(Mad Dog kicks the door open and growls. Courage and Bunny try to climb down the fire escape, but the ladder doesn't reach down far enough.)

Bunny: There's no way down!

(More growling can be heard as Mad Dog climbs out the window and charges at Courage and Bunny. Courage undoes the latch that attaches the ladder to the fire escape and it falls, just barely getting the little beagle away from Mad Dog's vicious bite. )

Courage & Bunny: Ahhhh!

(The ladder crashes to the ground. Bunny is unharmed, but the impact has slung Courage's mouth over the ladder's top rung. Courage laughs deliriously, but snaps out of it when he hears an approaching train horn. Scene change to the farm. Muriel and Eustace are in bed together.)

Muriel: Oh, Eustace. I'm sorry for all the terrible things I said.

Eustace: That's okay Muriel, nobody's perfect.

(They embrace.)

Muriel: I wonder where Courage has run off to?

Eustace: Who cares?

(Scene change to the railroad tracks, near Mad Dog's place. The railroad crossing bell rings and the lights flash as the train quickly approaches. Courage and Bunny run toward the crossing, but Mad Dog is hot on their tails in his Cadillac. Courage and Bunny stop in front of the lowered crossing gate and see a furious Mad Dog. Courage takes the mouse toy from his pocket and gives it to Bunny. He babbles frantically to her and gently pushes her in the direction of the approaching train so she can board. He waves his arms at the Cadillac, presumably to take the hit meant for Bunny, or at least to try and reason with Mad Dog. But Mad Dog swerves to the right, and follows his intended target. Courage quickly follows.

The pink Cadillac fast approaches the rabbit, who glances back in fear. While Courage gives chase, he imagines himself fighting Monster Kitty, giving her a big bite on the rear. Inside the car, Mad Dog is growling and closing the gap between him and Bunny. Courage throws himself through the rear window and into the passenger's seat. He grabs hold of the steering wheel and steers the car onto the railroad tracks. The engine blows its horn at the vehicle it is barreling toward as Mad Dog and Courage scream in alarm.)

Mad Dog & Courage: Ahhhh!

(The train engine blows its whistle some more. As Courage and Mad Dog scream once more, Courage leaps out of the passenger side window. The view quickly shifts to Bunny as the sounds of screeching tires and crunching metal are heard. She looks away and shields herself from the shower of debris from the pink Cadillac. She looks back and sees the train passing by, and a cloud of smoke where the car was obliterated. We see the engine car of the train and Mad Dog is there. He's still alive, albeit badly injured and laughing deliriously.)

(Courage is lying on the ground nearby, hurt from the fall. He imagines a dead Monster Kitty lying on the train tracks. He retrieves Muriel from its mouth. He says "Yay!" and the thought bubble vanishes. Bunny runs over to him and holds his head up.)

Bunny: You are a brave dog.

Courage: Mhm!

Bunny: (she gives him a kiss on the cheek) Thank you.

Kitty: Bunny, Bunny!

(Kitty is in the caboose of the train, waving her arms at Bunny. Bunny drops Courage's head in surprise.)

Bunny: Kitty! (She runs toward the train)

Bunny: Kitty! That dog saved my life! He saved my life!

Kitty: (reaches out to grab Bunny's hand) I was wrong, Bunny. Not all dogs are bad. (she pulls Bunny aboard and they embrace) Now we can be best friends forever.

(Bunny presents Kitty with the mouse. Kitty looks at it, and the pair start to laugh as they hold each other. Courage looks on the cat and rabbit with a smile. The girls wave at him as the train travels on into the night.)

Kitty: Thank you, dog! Thank you for everything!

(Scene change to the farm. It is early in the morning and Muriel is sitting on the porch, eating an apple. Courage arrives in the truck. Courage woozily exits the truck and walks up to Muriel.)

Muriel: Courage, where have you been dog? We've been waiting for you all night. (Courage crawls up into Muriels lap) Kitty's gone, but she's left something behind. Eustace is taking a fancy to it.

Courage: Huh?

(Scene change to the basement. Eustace is working on the boiler again, but this time, is wearing Kitty's mask to protect his face.)

Eustace: Boiler doesn't work. Gah! Muriel! You got a bobby pin?

(The screen irises out on Eustace, ending the episode.)