The Nutcracker
Season 2, Episode 14, Part 1
Titlecard 401b The Nutcracker
Production code: 401b
Air date: September 6, 2002
Directed by: John R. Dilworth
Written by: Billy Aronson
Storyboard: Jim Mitchell
A Beaver's Tale
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"The Nutcracker" is part one of the fourteenth episode in Season Two of Courage the Cowardly Dog, written by Billy Aronson. It aired September 6, 2002.


While browsing through the dump, Courage and his owners get locked inside. As that happens, Courage finds a nutcracker toy he cherishes. Later that night, two rats who ironically dance in ballet capture Eustace and proceed to chase after Courage and Muriel, dancing to music from the Nutcracker, though with the help of the nutcracker toy, Courage with Muriel kept on escaping. Later, Muriel is also captured and Courage with his toy head off to save his owners from the dancing rats.


  • Di Lung randomly appears to be stuck on a piece of flypaper the rats use to try to capture Courage.
  • "The Nutcracker" is a ballet by Tchaikovsky, the great classical composer. This ballet is an annual favorite at Christmas time.
  • One of the dolls Courage plays tea party with is a Robot Randy action figure.
  • Parachute Lady appears in a grandfather clock and she screams when Courage opens it.