Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

This article is a transcript of the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode "The Quilt Club" from season 3, which aired on August 2, 2002.

Courage, Muriel, Eustace, Computer, Elisa and Eliza Stitch, Quilt Club Members
Antique Quilt Shop, Bagge Farm
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(It's a cloudy day at the Antique Quilt Shop. Eustace's truck is parked outside. Inside, Eustace can be heard sneezing loudly.

Eustace: (sneezes into his hanky) Dern quilt dust. (he blows his nose) Givin' me allergies. (he sneezes again) Muriel!

(Muriel, holding a basket of random fabric, is inspecting the swatches and humming a tune to herself. Courage is standing beside her. He looks back at Eustace, who sneezes again. Muriel walks further into the store and Courage follows.

While she looks at more fabric, Courage starts playing cat's cradle with a random string that trails offscreen. He starts flossing his teeth with the completed string structure, but the other end of the string starts to pull away, tightening around his teeth. After some effort, his teeth pop out of his mouth. He follows the teeth, and we see it tied a ball of yarn in Muriel's basket. Muriel walks forward, oblivious, and Courage manages to catch up and put his teeth back in. They're still tangled up with string, but he chuckles and continues following Muriel.)

Eustace: I'm waiting in the truck! (Sneezes loudly, sending him flying out the front door)

Muriel: (Arrives at the checkout counter) Oh, my! Would you look at that!

(Muriel points to a sign above the counter, which reads "Join Our Quilt Club." Courage is still trying to get the yarn out of his teeth. From an armoire behind the counter, Eliza Stitch peeks her head out of the right doorway.)

Eliza: May I help you?

Muriel: Yes, thank you. I...

(Eliza retreats into the armoire. Elisa Stitch peeks from the left doorway.)

Elisa: May I help you?

Muriel: Why, yes, but...

(Both emerge fully from the armoire, revealing they are conjoined twin sisters.)

Both: May we help you?

(Courage finally gets the last bit of string out of his teeth. He looks up and notices the sisters, then yelps in fear.)

Muriel: Oh. Oh, my! Hello. I'm Muriel.

Elisa: Elisa Stitch.

Eliza: Eliza Stitch.

Both: The Stitch sisters!

Muriel: How do you do? I was wondering about your quilt club.

Stitch Sisters: Yes. Our quilt club. (Eliza pats a large, rolled up quilt that has been sitting on the counter)

Muriel: (looking at the quilt) Oh, so many different designs. Did your quilt club do this?

Eliza: There's a little bit of everyone in it, yes.

Muriel: Oh, it's lovely. I love my quilting. But it's such a lonely hobby to do all by myself. It would be so nice to belong.

Elisa: We are very particular about who may join.

Eliza: Why don't you bring in samples of your work?

(Courage sniffs at the quilt. The quilt moves a little and makes a low, groaning noise. The Stitch Sisters look warily at Courage.)

Courage: (babbles and points at the quilt)

Muriel: I know just the thing. See these old swatches? (pulls some fabric from her basket; it shows an image of a naked baby Eustace with his name at the bottom)They're from Eustace's old things. I've been making a memory quilt for him out of--

Eliza: We prefer to make new memories here.

Muriel: I see. Oh, well, I suppose I could try quilting something else. (shoves the fabric back into the basket)

Elisa: Yes, you must. And we'll see if you're quilt material.

Eliza: Quilt-club material.

Both: (laughing) Yes.

(The sisters continue to laugh, and Muriel joins in. Courage looks worried. Later that night, at the Bagge Farm, Eustace's sneezing can be heard from outside. We see him in his bed in his pajamas with used tissues around him.)

Eustace: (whining) Muriel! Stupid quilts. Stupid dust. (He sneezes again)

(Muriel is in the basement, pouring the contents of her quilting basket into a box labelled "Memory Quilt.")

Muriel: No, these won't do at all.

(Courage is a few feet away, playing cat's cradle with the yarn again. After a few moments, he gets himself all tangled up in the yarn.)

Eustace: (from upstairs) Muriel? Muriel?

Muriel: (walks to her sewing machine with a few swatches in her hands) Let me see. What would impress them? (begins to run the fabric through the machine) Something bright and colorful. I know!

(The following day, at the Quilt Shop, Muriel presents her new piece to the sisters. It is a patchwork armchair, with a green and blue peacock image on the front. The sisters look over this piece, with their magic quilt nearby.)

Elisa: Hmm.

Eliza: Hmm. How badly do you want to belong to the club?

Muriel: Well, I've always enjoyed belonging to clubs. And I'd be happy to make tea for everybody.

Quilt: (growling) No!

Elisa: This rag is not special at all. You'll have to try again.

(That evening, at the farmhouse, Courage is in the bedroom with Eustace. Eustace sips from a teacup, while Courage is balancing tea, sugar, and sandwiches on a tray on his head.)

Eustace: (spits out the tea) Pee-yew! You call this tea? (throws away the teacup and slaps Courage and his items away from him) Muriel!

(Muriel, determined, is working away at her sewing machine. She returns to the Quilt Shop and taps on the door. When the sisters emerge with their quilt in their arms, a frazzled and tired Muriel presents them with her new piece: a patchwork truck cozy, which is draped over Eustace's truck.)

Stitch Sisters: How badly do you want to belong?

Muriel: Very badly.

Eliza: How does your husband feel about it?

Muriel: You mean Eustace? I'll guess I'll ask him.

Quilt: No!

Elisa: You'll have to do better than that trifle.

(Muriel sighs and leans against the truck. She returns to the farmhouse and bursts through the front door. Eustace greets her.)

Eustace: Muriel, throw out all this junk and make me some- (Muriel rips of his nightshirt) Huh? (She runs to the basement) Oh, what the...

(In the basement, Muriel snips, stitches, and sews away at a new piece. A look of determined anger is on her face.)

Muriel: I'm getting into that club. I'm getting in. I'm getting in.

(Back at the Quilt Shop exterior, Muriel and the sisters stand near a roll of cloth almost twice as high as Muriel. The sisters once again are holding their magic quilt. Muriel gives the roll a push and it unrolls to reveal her latest piece: a patchwork American football field, complete with yard lines and markers for the "Home" and "Visitors" end zones. The sounds of a cheering crowd and a sports whistle can be heard.

The sisters look amazed at this piece. They become even more impressed as two teams of football players arrive at the line of scrimmage and tackle each other in a big pile. The sports whistle is heard again, ending the play.

Elisa and Eliza look at each other and smirk.)

Eliza: How badly do you want to belong?

Muriel: (more frazzled than earlier) Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!

Elisa: More than you belong with Eustace?

Muriel: Who?

(The quilt gives a contented sigh. That was exactly what it wanted to hear.)

Sisters: Welcome to the quilt club.

(The sisters giggle wickedly. Muriel is overjoyed.)

Eliza: And tonight will be your initiation.

(Later that night, a fog rolls in around the farmhouse. The sisters approach on foot, with their quilt in their hands. Inside the house, Courage is cooking in the kitchen. He is tasting a bit of soup when there is a knock on the door. Muriel opens the door to greet the sisters.)

Muriel: Come in. Come in. (the sisters walk past her into the living room. Muriel looks outside and sees no one else.) But where are the other members? (She shuts the door)

Eliza: Muriel, dear. For your initiation...

Elisa: (holding a pen) All you have to do is quilt this symbol...

(She begins to noisily draw on the wall. The squeaking noise hurts Courage's ears.)

Eliza: Into this fabric. (presents her with ratty grey fabric)

Muriel: Yes! Anything! Anything! Right away! (takes the fabric and hurries off to sew)

(Courage looks at the symbol that Elisa drew. He pulls out a camera and snaps a picture. He hurries off to the computer in the attic, and feeds the photo into the computer's scanner.)

Computer: The symbol is a universal sign of everlasting life dating back to prehistoric man.

(Images begin to appear on the computer's screen. The first is a group of neanderthals in a cave, sewing a quilt together from animal pelts. The Stitch Sisters are behind a rock nearby, watching them. The sound of their laughter can be heard.)

Courage: (gasps)

Computer: Descended from Abyssinia, through Babylonia, past Constantinople, and all the way to Broadway and 42nd Street.

(The computer shows the next few images. Next, we see a black and white painting of a few 16th century colonial women quilting a large blanket. The sisters are among them, and the symbol is on a wall behind them.

The next image is a newspaper clipping showing the grand opening of their Quilt Shop. Another image is shown; a zoomed in view of the shop with the sisters standing in the window.)

Courage: (yells and waves his arms)

Computer: (laughs) Just joking.

Courage: Humph! (angrily types on the keyboard)

(Back downstairs, Muriel and the sisters are sitting on the couch. Muriel has finished sewing the symbol into the fabric. She shows the sisters, who have their quilt in their lap.)

Eliza: Excellent. You're ready to join us at last.

Muriel: Oh, goody-goody!

Elisa: Now, let's all sew your patch to the quilt.

(The sisters unroll their magic quilt. There are many blocks showing figures of people and animals, but one of them is blank. They lay the side with the blank block over Muriel's lap.)

Sisters: And you'll never be lonely again.

(A blue ripple pulses through the quilt. The quilt gives another contented sigh. Muriel and the sisters start sewing the patch onto the blank block.)

Muriel: Are the other members coming?

Eliza: You'll be meeting them all very soon.

Elisa: Just as soon as we've added your block to the quilt.

Muriel: It's so good to belong.

Sisters: It's good to belong. (they laugh evilly)

(Courage runs downstairs to the couch and looks at what the ladies are doing, and screams. Muriel has become as thin as fabric, and is being sewn into the quilt by the sisters.)

Courage: No!

(Muriel has a smile on her face as she starts to disappear into the quilt. Courage babbles and tries grabbing her arm. The sisters yank her other arm towards them. Courage tries tugging on Muriel's arm to snap her out of it or pull her away, but to no effect. The sisters yank Muriel's arm out of his paws and smooth out the wrinkles in their quilt so they can continue.)

Elisa: Forget it, mutt! She doesn't want you anymore.

Eliza: In another minute, she won't remember you or anything.

Elisa: And there'll be nothing to ever remind her again. (she laughs evilly)

(Courage yelps and runs off to the basement.)

Muriel: Courage! Help! (the sisters sew her into the fabric some more)

(Courage trips and falls down the basement stairs into the big pile of fabric swatches Muriel was working with earlier. He gets up and starts rummaging through cabinets, drawers, and other piles until he finds Muriel's memory quilt supplies box. He happily opens the box and pulls out the ball of yarn from earlier.

Back in the living room, the sisters have nearly finished sewing Muriel into the quilt. Just her head and shoulders remain above the dingy fabric. The sisters recite the spell to seal Muriel's soul into their quilt.)

Sisters: Be, believe, belong. Be, believe, belong. Leave the circle never. Weave the quilt forever.

[As Muriel's body sinks further into the quilt, her spirit is shown emerging on the other side. A fabric image of her appears on the block. The quilt groans as it receives her soul.]

[Muriel floats down into a gray, foggy void. Up in the "sky" is the quilt. One by one, other women's souls start to appear. There is an Egyptian queen, a colonial woman, a cave lady, a Chinese noblewoman, and a French noblewoman.]

All: (chanting) Be, believe, belong.

Muriel: Be, believe, belong.

[Back in the farm, blue ripples appear on the Muriel block of the quilt. The sisters wave their hand over the block and the ripples disperse. The sisters sigh with relief. The ritual is complete, and they now have a new soul in their quilt.]

[Just then, the memory quilt box hops up to them. The sisters get up from the couch and approach it.]

Elisa: She won't be needing that anymore.

Eliza: Let's throw it away!

(As they reach down to pick it up, the box bursts open, revealing a growling pink beagle. Courage is not happy. He brandishes his cat's cradle yarn and the sisters scream in fear.)

Courage: Hi-yah!

(He ties them up with the red yarn, and starts swinging them around by the string, much like an Olympian hammer throw. He slams them both onto Eustace's chair. The sisters can only look on as Courage retrieves the baby Eustace swatch from the box and hurries over to the quilt.)

Both: No! No!

(Courage starts sewing the block onto the quilt. In the quilt's void, the image of baby Eustace starts appear above the trapped ladies' heads.)

Muriel: Eh? Eustace? Eustace! (starts "swimming" towards the Eustace block)

[Back in the living room, blue ripples start forming from Muriel's block again. The sisters scream as the ripples get bigger.]

Quilt: No!

Courage: Muriel!

[The sisters manage to get themselves untied from the yarn. They laugh evilly and approach Courage. He quickly tears off the fur from his lower body, sticks it onto the "everlasting life" block, and starts sewing over it.]

[Back in the void, Muriel looks up at the pink block.]

Courage: (from outside of the void) Muriel, I'll save you!

Muriel: Courage!

(More blue ripples appear on the quilt as the spell begins to break. Courage quickly gets off of the quilt.)

Quilt: Noooo!

(A beam of blue light erupts from the quilt. Muriel starts to rise up out of the portal within the quilt. The Stitch sisters scream again.)

Quilt: Noooooooo!!

[Muriel has completely emerged from the quilt and is plopped onto the floor next to it. She gives Courage a big hug.]

Muriel: Oh, my, Courage!

Quilt: Noooooooooo!!!

[The beam of light changes from blue to pink as the blocks on the quilt begin to unravel and break apart. The beam starts sucking in all of the blocks and the sisters into a tornado. The pink beam vanishes and the swatches continue to swirl around in the wind. The sisters trapped in the whirlwind's center. They scream as they spin faster and faster, becoming completely engulfed by the fabric until they become a fabric swatch themselves. The wind continues to blow while Muriel and Courage hang onto each other. Then, the wind stops. Muriel and Courage look and see that the women from the Quilt's void are now in the living room.]

Muriel: My very own quilt club! Ladies, would you like some tea?

(Eustace, still shirtless, comes down the stairs. His nose is swollen and dripping. He walks into the middle of the group of ladies.)

Eustace: Muriel, I'm all out of tissues.

(The Quilt Club screams and runs in various directions out of the house.)

Muriel: Oh, my!

Eustace: Ah-ah-ah...

(Eustace is going to sneeze again. Courage looks around quickly and gives Eustace the fabric swatch with the Stitch Sisters on it.)

Sisters: No!

Eustace: Ah-CHOO! (he sneezes into the fabric, the fabric is now wet with mucus)

Sisters: Ew!

(The screen irises out on Eustace's nose, ending the episode.)