Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

This article is a transcript of the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode "The Sand Whale Strikes" from season 2, which aired November 9, 2001.

Transcript is incomplete, will finish!

(The episode opens out in the desert, where a burrowing trail is seen heading towards the farmhouse. The scene cuts to the bedroom, where the Bagge family is seen peacefully sleeping. The scene cuts back outside, the trail gets close as the the house begins to shake, but does not awaken them)

(Suddenly out of the ground, emerges a dark, olive green whale, that blows out sand from its blowhole. It smashes beside the house, that violently shakes and sends the family through the wall and into the hallway. They all groan in pain, as Courage spits out a piece of wood in his mouth)

Eustace: Is it time to get up already?

Muriel: Eustace, there was an earthquake, or an explosion, or worse.

(After getting dressed, the family goes outside to investigate. They look to the side of the house, damaged from the whale's point of impact)

Eustace: Must've been those darn neighborhood kids again.

Muriel: There's no kids that can do that.

(The ground begins to shake again, as the sand whale jumps out of the ground)

Muriel: Oh, my!

Eustace: What's, eh?

(The sand whale aims for the Bagge family, who screams in terror. But fortunately, the whale lands beside them, although still angry. Courage lets a scream, before hiding behind Muriel in fear)

Eustace: Better call the exterminator.

Sand Whale: Ickett! Ickett Bagge.

Eustace: Ickett Bagge? That's me father's name.

Muriel: I'm sorry, Mr. Whale, but lckett Bagge is no longer with us.

Sand Whale: He's standing right there. (points at Eustace) Don't try to fool me.

Muriel: Eustace, that sand whale thinks you're your own father.

(Eustace pulls a photo out from under his hat, revealing his late father, Ickett. As shown, he bears an almost, exact resemblance to his son, if not for his white, bushy beard)

Eustace: I don't see any resemblance.

Sand Whale: Ickett, I've came for my accordion.

Eustace: What? Accordion? I don't know what... Hey, me father had an accordion.

Muriel: Maybe you should give it to Mr. Whale here.

Eustace: Me ma has it.

Sand Whale: You're trying to cheat me like you cheated me before, lckett Bagge. You won that accordion off me in a crooked card game a long time ago... and I want it back. Now!

Eustace: I ain't lckett, I ain't got no accordion, and I don't wanna be talking to no whale.

Sand Whale: It's taken me all this time to find you and I won't be cheated again.

Eustace: Blah, blah, blah.

(The sand whale growls in response, as Courage screams before running back inside with his owners. The whale smashes through the entrance and the living room, chasing them into the kitchen. The scene cuts outside, where the sink, fridge, and a few chairs fly out the window. The whale looks out the broken window, in search of Eustace)

Sand Whale: Ickett! Ickett Bagge!

(The family peeks out from the destroyed kitchen table, not seeing the whale. They take this opportunity to retreat to the living room, as the whale smashes through the wall in pursuit. He chases them upstairs to the bathroom, only to end in failure as they hurry upstairs to the attic)

Sand Whale: (stops at the attic stairs, viciously smiling) Ickett Bagge!

(The trio fearfully huddle in a corner, as the whale smashes through the floor. This causes the attic to rain with shredded wood)

Eustace: (a piece of wood hits his head) Ow! I'm telling you, I don't have the accordion. Me ma has it.

Sand Whale: Okay, lckett, if you don't give me my accordion... I'm gonna have to shake you up until you do.

(The whale jumps with his jaws wide, and swallows up Muriel and Eustace as he smashes through the wall. Courage gasps, as he jumps down to chase after the whale, who proves to be too fast. He pants to catch his breath, and goes in the opposite direction)

(The scene changes to Courage walking down a path that leads to a nearby trailer home. He goes up to the door, hearing a buzzing sound before knocking)

Ma Bagge: (answers the door) Courage, good to see you. Ugh, where's my stupid son?

(Courage tries to explain what happened as he shapeshifts into a whale, an elderly man, and an accordion. The scene cuts inside to Ma's trailer, at her table where Courage is eating a meal Ma prepared)

Ma Bagge: (sits, showing the accordion) That sand whale was me husband's mortal enemy. Ickett spent his life hunting that darn whale. (hops off the chair and walks over to a large object, covered under a white sheet) And this, (pulls off the sheet to a reveal a wooden boat) was lckett's fine vessel. (goes to grab Courage) Come on, dog. (throws him and the accordion into the boat)

Courage: Ow!

Ma Bagge: We're going after whale.

(The scene cuts to Courage rowing the boat across the desert, with Ma proudly standing on the bow. He rows until he stops in front of the farmhouse, where Ma looks out for leads to the whale's whereabouts. She sees a trail of burrows off to her right, as she smiles and points for Courage to row in that direction)

Courage: (rolls his eyes) The things I do for love.

(Courage rows along the burrows, eventually rowing through a huge dust storm that engulfs the two. Once it clears, the boat is now balancing on the top of a towering, dead tree. He shrieks upon noticing this, and tries to maintain balance, but to no avail. Courage screams as the boat falls, and groans as it hits the ground)

Ma Bagge: Stupid dog, now row!

(Courage begins to row, unaware that he is heading for a cliff before it's too late. The two scream as they plummet to the bottom, into a decent sized, boat-shaped hole in the sand. Ma peeks up and searches around, spotting the whale nearby. The scene changes to inside the whale's jaws, where Muriel and Eustace helplessly flop around)

Ma Bagge: Follow that whale!

(Courage rows, switching to his feet as he grabs the accordion and plays a jaunty tune to attract the whale)

Ma Bagge: Put that down. I ain't giving that to no stupid sand whale. (Courage stops rowing) Stupid dog, you know how much a sand whale is worth? I'm bagging him and taking him all the way to the whale bank. He can keep me stupid son and his stupid wife. Now row!

(Courage rows towards the whale, as the scene cuts back inside the whale's jaws.)

Eustace: Look, Muriel, l found me chair.

Muriel: I'm glad you're comfortable.

Ma Bagge: This will attract him. Then I'll net him.

Sand Whale: Hey, that's my accordion.

Ma Bagge: We got him now. Row faster.

- Oaf!

Ma Bagge: He ain't getting no accordion. I'm getting him is all that's happening.

Oh. my. on!

Sand Whale: Don't try to fool me.

Agh! Row, you stupid dog. Follow that whale.

Eustace: Hey, I found our refrigerator.



- Oaf!

Ma Bagge: Stupid accordion-giving dog. Keep rowing.

Muriel: Eustace, I think I'm getting digested.


Aah! Unh!

Help! Help! I'm drowning! I'm drown... (remembers that she's on sand) Oh. Oh, fudge.

Sand Whale: My accordion!

Ma Bagge: (to Courage) Give me back my accordion!

Oh, no. Unh!



Eustace: Ow! Stupid dog.

Ma Bagge: Stupid dog.

(Courage sheepishly laughs, as the sand whale viciously smiles at Ma)

Ma Bagge: Uh-oh.

(The sand whale devours Ma, and swims off through the desert)

Muriel: Well, I'm glad that all worked out.

Eustace: But the whale got me ma.

Muriel: I'm glad that all worked out. I just wonder one thing. What does a whale want with an accordion anyway?

(The scene cuts to a concert hall, where a band of sand whales are performing a jaunty tune on their accordions. The sand whale from earlier quickly takes the empty seat on stage, finishing the performance. The audience erupts in applause, as the sand whale bows and shoots sand out of his blowhole, including Ma Bagge)

Ma Bagge: How'd I get the cheap seats? (The sand stops propelling her) Uh-oh. (screams as she falls down to the stage)


(Dedicated to Jim P. Dilworth)