The Thinker is a secondary character in So in Louvre are we two.


The Thinker is, as his name suggests, has a contemplative nature, and finds himself easily stumped by the smallest decisions. He is often focused on making decisions.


Originally a stone statue of the famous artwork, The Thinker, he is on display within a European museum. After the planets aligned above the museum, the Thinker comes to life, and switches clothes with Eustace. He then commences to go on a date with the Mona Lisa, and finds himself thinking more than enjoying the date. The Thinker ends up staying in a diner, deciding whether he should have soup or a salad to eat, while the Mona Lisa leaves to find someone more interesting to go on a date with.


  • "Let me think..."
  • "Soup or salad... salad or soup..."


  • The Thinker ends up staying in Edward Hopper's famous painting Nighthawks, while Eustace takes his place as the statue

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