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I love this showwwwwwww. I forgot where I discovered this show, or why I became so into it, but I was 10 years old when I first got into it, and I believe seeing the "You're Not Perfect" scene led me to it. I used to watch it on Cartoon Planet or online. Now I just watch it online lol. This show is what got me into classic CN; if it weren't for this show, I wouldn't have been a Toonami Faithful, and my avatar wouldn't have been of who it is right now (Black Vulcan.) By the way, I wasn't scared of anything in this show. Except for You're Not Perfect, The Demon in the Mattress, the first time I saw the Violin Girl's face (I had heard about her but I didn't want to see her face), and the Spirit of the Harvest Moon. The first three being when I was ten, and the last being when I was thirteen (I'd found it creepy when I was ten, but for like one week in July 2016 I suddenly became terrified of it and then got over it.)

The music for this show is one of the biggest factors in the reason I have a music career nowadays (My dream is to be a part of the Toonami staff.) The bossa nova music playing when Katz is reading a book on spiders. The jazz music playing when Courage is juggling pies. The Violin Girl's violin. The music playing when Schwick chased Muriel and Courage. The house music playing when Katz and Courage had their tennis match. "COME ON, BABY, GIVE ME LIFE." Muriel's sitar song. The creepy beat that played whenever Katz appeared. The different styles, like I'd later hear in Cowboy Bebop, were so unique and I always wanted to hear full versions of the songs I liked. Now knowing a lot of stuff in Ableton and MIDI production, I can. So thank you, Jody Gray and Yoko Kanno and Jason DeMarco and everyone else who led me to this career. Thank you.

I'm an admin here on this wiki. I like to compile the transcripts, correct errors, revise summaries, clean up, etc. Helps I've seen almost all this show's episodes. (I've probably seen the entire first season since 2013. However, I haven't seen the entire show; I forget episodes like "Food of the Dragon" exist.) I'm active here and on the SpongeBob wiki (which I wanna become an admin on too.)

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