The Valkyries are four sisters, the Valkyries of Norse legend. They appear in Ride of the Valkyries, where they mistake Muriel for their missing fourth sister. They take her to their home where they expound on the coming battle with the hated Trolls. When Courage attempts to rescue Muriel, the Valkyries believe him to be a spy. They beat him up, and cast him down to Earth, where incidentally, the trolls live, who also believe him to be a spy. Courage saves Muriel from being killed by the Trolls during the ensuing battle, and both of them stumble upon the fourth sister, Brunhilde, and the Troll King, who are in love. The two know their people hate each other, so Courage marries them, thus ending the strife between their kind. The Valkyries and the Trolls invite Courage and Muriel to a feast for their part in the peace.