Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Velvet Vic is a famous jazz pianist. He is the main antagonist in the episode "Record Deal".

Psychical Apperance[]

Velvet is a light purple skinned man with a round nose, a chin similar to Eustace, has has orange hair in the form a pompadour, and has orange, small eyebrows.

He wears a blue suit with thin, white lines going vertically, a pair of black shoes, a light-yellow shirt and a pink tie.


Velvet Vic died or Shirley laid a curse upon him when was still alive some time before Courage was born. One of his fans was Eustace, who presumably heard Velvet Vic play when he was still alive. Velvet Vic was trapped in one of his vinyl records, which then was acquired by Shirley. One day when Shirley was cleaning her home she elected to dispose of the Velvet Vic record, which was then claimed by Eustace (who ironically had been listening to a Velvet Vic song on the radio in his truck; it had faded out just before he found the record.) Taking the record home, he played it, which freed Velvet Vic. This delighted Eustace; however, after the song was over Velvet Vic said "Dragsville" and he was reabsorbed into the record.

Velvet Vic reintegrated when Eustace played the song again, and he asked Muriel to play piano with him. While Muriel was playing, Vic stopped the record, which caused Muriel to be absorbed into it. Velvet Vic then broke the record, causing him to keep his corporeal form. Vic then leaves the Bagge farm as he wants to revive his music career and go on a concert tour. When Eustace asks how much money is made on the road, Vic replies "Sacks, Daddy-o", to which Eustace hires himself as Velvet Vic's manager.

Courage then puts the record together but when he plays it she comes out distorted. Then Courage takes the record to Dr. Vindaloo who makes a copy of it using a machine, but Muriel comes out with two heads. Finally Courage takes it to Shirley who tells him that the only way to get her back is by playing the record at the same time as Vic does. She also tells him to "Go digital" since magic, ironically, would be of no help. Courage then scans the record on his computer and gets a CD-ROM version of it.

Despite being out of vogue for decades, Velvet Vic manages to get a sellout crowd at a concert, which suggests he was a talented piano player. Courage goes to Vic's concert and plays the music at the same time as Vic which brings Muriel back and imprisons Vic. Then Shirley takes the CD and all the money Eustace got from working with Vic with her.


  • He resembles a few of the many characters from the Nickelodeon (later Disney) cartoon Doug, such as Buddy Dink and Skeeter Valentine.
  • He also seems to somewhat resemble singer and pianist, Jerry Lee Lewis.
  • His personality is based on the '50s beatnik style. Space Ghost Coast to Coast recurring character Chad Ghostal is also a beatnik.