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The Windmill Vandals are a group of four horse-backed vandals who once plagued the land of NowhereFarmer Jiles Galette, who originally built and lived in the Farmhouse two-hundred-and-fifty years ago, constructed the windmill next to the farmhouse, inscribing each blade with magical rune symbols, which when spun by the windmill, kept the vandals at bay.

250 years ago prior to the TV show's events, these 4 vandals built a water wheel while Jiles built a windmill at a time when everyone depended on water wheels. One day, the water dried up and because of that, it made Jiles the only man with a working mill and the vandals did not like it one bit. So they went after Jiles but luckily, Jiles was able to keep the vandals away from his home by carving 4 magical symbols on the back of the blades, 1 for each fin, it then started the legend that if the windmill stops turning, the vandals will come back to life and get revenge on those who are in possession of the windmill.

List of Vandals:

  • Axe Vandal
  • Double-Headed Axe Vandal
  • Flail Vandal
  • Sword Vandal
Windmill Vandals 2

Undead Vandals

In their self-titled episode, when the windmill breaks, the ghosts of the vandals appear and try to destroy the farmhouse along with its occupants. Courage and Eustace make several attempts to repair the windmill, each one causing the vandals to disappear briefly. However, each of their attempts ultimately prove futile, as the windmill keeps breaking soon afterward each time. Finally, after several minutes of chaos trying to fend off the returning vandals, Courage, Muriel, and Eustace manage to rebuild the windmill together, banishing the vandals from ever returning, so long as the windmill continues to operate.

The Vandals appear whenever the blades of the windmill stop turning, however, due to Jiles Galette's carvings, they immediately disappear the instant the blades become mobile again.


  • In the picture when the Vandals were alive and attacking the farmhouse, it should be noted that the Vandals used different weapons from what they have now during the attack on the Bagge family.
  • The background music which plays when they are seen is the same music played during the Mattress Demon's appearances in The Demon in the Mattress.
  • The windmill has been damaged or destroyed and stopped spinning numerous other times in the series but somehow, the vandals never showed up in those circumstances.
  • When they show up for real, they resemble Swayzak from Toonami; this episode aired on the final day of the Trapped in Hyperspace event Swayzak appeared in, as well as when the final level of the tie-in game, wherein TOM was infected by Swayzak, was put online.
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